Union Democrat staff

TUD travesty

To the editor:

In the matter of the Tuolumne Utilities District and its proposed rate increases: It is my understanding that, for this rate increase to be defeated, TUD requires a majority of affected homeowners to file written protests with them by May 12.

Can this be correct? Even communist countries don't base their elections on "no" votes. Of course they managed to achieve 97 percent-plus "yes" votes, but at least the water would be free.

Now TUD wants to put those gigantic increases from $19.97 per month to $51.98 over five years in effect, not with majority approval but without majority denial. Since when is a no vote a just vote?

OK, folks, if you don't stand up now in protest, no sniveling when these increases become fact on July 1 of this year. President Obama wants to stimulate the economy and now we are getting hit with this huge tax increase. OK, not a tax, only a fee.

Even us good liberals cannot stand this travesty of justice. If my Republican friends allow TUD to get away with this unwarranted tax increase, I will never speak to them again.

Clark Gomez


False gods

To the editor:

In response to Michael Herman (letter, April 14):

Genesis, first chapter. God created the heavens and the earth, water, land, the animals, baby chickens, baby rabbits and eggs. He created the fish, birds of the air, herbs, trees and grass of the fields. He even took dust from the earth and created man and breathed into his mouth and he became a living soul. He then caused a deep sleep to come over man and he took a rib from his side and made the woman to be by man's side as a help mate, so he would not be alone.

He called them Adam and Eve. He created all this in six days, the seventh day he rested.

Of course he also created the moon, sun and stars, in that time.

The Ten Commandments and Exodus 20:3-5 say we're not to bow down to graven images or gods. In 2 Kings, chapter 10, it tells about Baal, but verses 26, 27 and 28 tells how Baal was destroyed, and those who worshiped him were thrown out of Isreal.

I do not study about false gods or Baal. Nor do other Christians. We serve a risen savior who lives within our hearts. He is in the world today. We celebrate our Jesus' birth on Christmas. He was crucified and we celebrate his rising again three days after with his resurrection. The grave could not hold him.

"Our Easter" God created the baby chickens, rabbits and the egg. There is no evil there, God's Creatures. They're precious and so are our little children, love them. Read Matthew 24:14 everyone.

Barbara Melchor


Tea party thanks

To the editor:

On behalf of the Calaveras Taxpayers Association volunteers, I thank all of you who attended our tea party at Utica Park in Angels Camp on the 15th. And thank you Union Democrat for the excellent front page coverage of our event. It was a refreshing contrast to the prevailing major media bias.

Old and young, men and women, Republicans, Libertarians and even Democrats, you patiently waited in line to sign our petitions to the president and Congress and to the governor and state Legislature. And thank you again, tax rebels for the generous cash donations which covered most of our costs. Your affirmation and support has amply rewarded us for our efforts in your behalf.

Let's keep the ball rolling. The mainstream media is doing its utmost to marginalize this grassroots movement, but like Howard Jarvis, we shall prevail. We must.

Your comments and homemade signs at the party led me to believe that this is more a protest of reckless spending than of excessive taxes. You know that there is a price to pay for law, order and good government, but you also recognize that you have been deceived and betrayed. The government simply needs to cut spending. We need to put the fear into the big spenders at election time.

Bob Mulvany



Day of Prayer

To the editor:

The 58th annual observance of the National Day of Prayer is Thursday, May 7, and the theme is: Prayer - America's Hope.

We would like to invite you to come to all three of Tuolumne County's prayer meetings:

• 7 a.m., Sierra Bible Church, 15171 Tuolumne Road, Sonora, by the Tuolumne County Ministerial Association.

• 11 a.m., St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 13880 Joshua Way, Sonora, by Tuolumne County Christian's Women's Fellowship.

• 6 p.m., Court House Square, Sonora, by the Tuolumne County Ministerial Association.

Many community leaders will be taking part in praying for our nation. We would love your presence. Our entire nation will be praying that day. Please join us.

Rich and Marilyn Knudson

Twain Harte