Union Democrat staff

So grateful

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the fundraiser on my behalf on March 1. This includes my family and friends who set up for dinner, cooked and served, cleaned up, donated prizes and all those who so generously donated money and bought tickets. I hope I haven't left anyone out, but if I have, please know I am so grateful to live in such a community and I appreciate everything everyone has done for me and my family.

Thank you and God Bless!

Amberlee Moore Tindell

Angels Camp

Crystal ball wrong

To the editor:

In response to Lillian Carson's letter (March 30): Her crystal ball should be fired, as it gave her erroneous information regarding the Tioga gym grand opening.

All board members attended, as well as Superintendent Mary Brabbin. Dave Gookin (board member) and I attended dinner in the cafeteria and had conversations with several students, parents and teachers. Cindy Green (school secretary) came over and spoke to Dave regarding how wonderful the gym turned out.

We attended the girls' volleyball game with our grandson (he attends Tenaya Elementary). Perhaps you did not realize this, as your crystal ball must have been on the blink or perhaps it may have been due to the board members not being given the courtesy of an introduction or an acknowledgment of their attendance. If you were there, surely you saw Mr. Gookin at some point.

Dave has attended Tioga High basketball games for the past 10 years - did your crystal ball tell you he volunteered to assist Jerry Woolsey with fifth- and sixth-grade basketball this year as well as last year? He also attends school plays, holiday events, graduation, grandparents day, etc. We also attended the Don Pedro gym grand opening, as did the other board members and their spouses.

Lillian, if you attend all school events and activities, then you must have seen Dave on some occasion.

Please get the correct facts before sending letters to the editor with misinformation trying to make it appear that the board members do not care about students, school and community. I personally am tired of all the lies, innuendos and unfounded accusations against people who do not deserve it.

Dianne Gookin


Arrogant, presumptuous

To the editor:

Noting that it is the policy of the Union Democrat to "...not publish...personal attacks," I must respond to Mr Wetzel's personal attack against me in your Opinion page April 16.

I find it extremely arrogant, condescending and presumptuous of Mr. Wetzel to assert that my political philosophies are the result of brainwashing by "overpaid right-wing hate radio pundits." As left wing kooks do when confronted with a reasonable argument against their mindless diatribes, Mr. Wetzel responds with insults and name calling in a letter with no purpose other than to belittle me and like-thinking people. Heck, I can't even be a "ruggedly individualistic dittohead," because I am managing my small business when Limbaugh's show is aired.

No Bob, I read, watch and listen to a diversity of political viewpoints. My political philosophies are largely the result of being self employed and interacting with the government and its regulations on a regular basis for more than 30 years, about the same amount of time you worked for the government before you took up writing letters to the editor insulting Republicans and any one else who doesn't see it your way.

No Bob, I don't think I "see communism on the march." I know I see socialism on the rise.

Note to Mr. Wetzel: I responded to your previous rant sentence by sentence. I hope you will do the same in the future rather than just telling me how ignorant I am because, in your all-knowing and righteous view, I am unable to form coherent thoughts different than yours on my own.

Mike Schmitz

Mountain Ranch