Union Democrat staff

Find a new soapbox

To the editor:

The Republican Party is full of hypocrites. If its members were true to the "small government" mantra they love, I wouldn't mind. But they're for more government control than any other party.

Bush's "Patriot Act" is the biggest insult to personal freedom I've ever seen. Banning gay marriage and abortions (then refusing to cosupport welfare programs for children) is controlling your personal life. But the second amendment? Any gun law is an infringement of their right to bear arms and is a "big government-liberal" thing.

Sorry, Republicans, you can't have it both ways. Either stand true to your "small government" mantra or find a new soapbox.

Also, "Religious Right"? If the right wingers were truly religious, they would reread their Bible and see that it tells them to be more like Jesus, who helped the poor and downtrodden, instead of scoffing at them and calling them lazy.

Would Jesus give tax breaks to the richest people and ignore those who truly need them? "Treat me like the lowest of your people," he said.

Now, here's the real kicker: Rush Limbaugh has declared himself spokesperson for the Republican Party, and called for Obama to fail. Furthermore, Republicans in Congress are trying to stagnate the economy by trying to severely limit cash flow. They don't realize that consumers ultimately run the economy.

To Mark Villase (letter, April 1): Which party has more intelligence, one who expects different results from the same thing and heads down a road to a cliff, or one who steers away from the cliff and takes a new course?

Michael Herman


Frozen water warning

To the editor:

The story on Page 1 and the picture of the ribbon cutting on the back page of the April 13 paper ("College milestone: First Measure E building feted") was very nice and the new safety center is much needed by the college.

As I was looking at the page with the ribbon cutting, one thing stuck out like a sore thumb - that the downspout to drain water off of the roof was not put in with a pipe under the cement slab. Presumably the other down spout in the background is the same.

My question is, why did the contractor not put the drain lines underground? Perhaps the Sacramento-based company that designed the project just plain forgot that at our high elevation we do get snow and freeze here. When this happens it is very dangerous to walk on frozen water.

Tony Malgesini


Noisy problem

To the editor:

Five years ago my family moved onto 21 acres in Diamond XX subdivision outside of Copperopolis. For almost three years we lived in a very peaceful neighborhood.

Two years ago the neighbors across the street turned their 20 acres into an off-road dirt bike track. Since that time we have listened to up to eight bikes roaring around in front of our house sometimes for an eight-hour period. At times it is impossible to hear the TV or to use the phone. The dust problem when the wind blows our direction is unbelievable. The bikers race up and down the road on unlicensed bikes, popping wheelies as they go.

I am certain that we are not the only ones in Calaveras County who are faced with this situation. Our supervisors need to adopt a code dealing with this problem. Residential neighborhoods should not be used as entertainment centers.

Evelyn McCleskey


Cravens answered

To the editor:

In a letter to the editor (March 30), Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board President Lillian Cravens wrote:

"Where were the new candidates running for the school board? Where were the people who started the recall because they wanted change? I guess this is the kind of change they want, to continue to ignore Don Pedro.

"Where was the newspaper? You sent a loud and clear message to the students, staff and parents of Don Pedro, that you have no interest in what happens at their school."

My message to Cravens: You Attack the Union Democrat. You attack the majority of your constituents.

Where was your board the Tioga High School Graduation? Why did you call every student at Tioga a liar?

Why did the Don Pedro principal allow a hate message about the recall committee on the back of its grand opening celebration program?

And why the recall, board president?

Robert D. Wilson

Valenzuela City


Do what's right

To the editor:

There was a time in this nation when money did not call all of the shots. Unfortunately, those days are long gone.

Why shouldn't our representatives work for us instead of their donors? How much more time could they spend working on what is good for the country instead of what brings in the most money?

Our laws should reflect what we need, not what the wealthy few can buy. Let's stop all of the partisan bickering and do what is right for the country for a change. Take the money out of the game.

John Goodhart



To the editor:

Response to letters, "Spoiled liberals" and "No fluff, bias" (April 9):

After reading these letters it appears to me that the writers have been truly brain washed by Rush. Rush's job is to incite the Republican right wing and instill anger. He has nothing good to say about anything, period. I suggest we sit back and give our new president some time to do his job. Something the Bush Administration failed to do in 8 years.

Just a thought about the Constitution, treason has a clause that refers to giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Did Rush give aid and comfort to the terrorists who want to do away with the USA when he espoused that he wanted to see President Obama to fail? Re: The US. Government. My opinion is Rush should keep his mouth shut sometimes.

Jim Hassay


Excellent article

To the editor:

I would like to thank The Union Democrat for the excellent article on the school consolidation issue by Lacey Peterson. The article gave an in-depth review of the issues concerning consolidation and, in my opinion, was not biased in any way. I think this is an excellent way to inform your subscribers and let the voters decide the issue either at the local school board or by ballot if necessary.

Thanks again to Lacey Peterson for excellent investigative reporting. I look forward to her future articles.

Ed Anderson


Homework needed

To the editor:

I am responding to Bob Zamzow's letter (April 8) . He concludes: "One thing is certain: As taxes continue to increase and the national debt continues to explode under this administration, Mr. Torchia and I will have two entirely different opinions as to why."

This confirms that Bob is simply parroting conservative talk-show hosts without investigating their rhetoric. His (and the tea-party' folks') stands are uninformed regarding taxes. Here are some facts: The last time federal taxes were raised was by Clinton in 1993. He raised taxes on the highest income bracket only. G.W. Bush rescinded those increases, giving the biggest tax breaks to the very top earners. Obama plans to allow the Bush cuts on the top earners to expire in 2011, as originally planned, and provide tax breaks to the majority of taxpayers.

Please do your homework before you make public comments without checking your sources. Reference: http://money.cnn.com/2008/06/11/news/economy/candidates_taxproposals_tpc/index.htm

Donald W. Smith