Union Democrat staff

Horse cruelty

To the editor:

We all know that the economy sucks, but we can all do our part to stop the cruelty that is going on with horses. They are being killed because their owners cannot afford them.

Or, if horses do something wrong, like failing to jump or throwing riders, some owners send them to the slaughterhouse instead of training them harder or more. Same with race horses.

There are also ranches that collect PMU (pregnant mare urine) for hormone pills for us women. The mares are held in their stalls until they give birth to a foal. Then when the foal is strong enough, mares are sent to the slaughterhouse, which is wrong on all parts.

Now Canada is getting into the action, using horses for food - no matter how old they are. You will hear on the news about truck accidents involving such horses.

If you go on line, you can see how horse slaughter is done and why the Horse Protection League is trying to stop it.

Lydia Krueger


Socialism defined

To the editor:

Froma Harrop's column of April 1 on socialism should be required reading for all the people who are tossing around that word as if they knew what it meant.

Socialism is government ownership of businesses. What we have in America is exactly the opposite. Businesses, namely corporations, have virtual ownership of government through campaign contributions and lobbying. Corporations have rigged the tax structure, the campaign and election process, our health system, our foreign policy, our environmental policy, and our energy policy. Favored tax status for oil companies is pure cronyism at the expense of most taxpayers. American arms manufacturers have a free hand to supply the world with the machinery of death. Corporate tax loopholes mean more taxes for the little people and huge federal deficits.

The corporations who virtually own the government love it when the rest of us get caught up in liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, red vs. blue, socialism vs. democracy. While we fight among ourselves, they're raking in the profits and buying the laws.

Government regulation of private business is not socialism. Taxation is not socialism. And most of the people who are using the word to scare us away from needed reforms are parroting a slogan without any idea what it means. Legislators, journalists, and talk show hosts get paid to be corporate shills. Don't be a volunteer corporate shill. Support election reform, campaign reform, and strict lobbying controls.

Eric Jung

Bear Valley

Insurance battle

To the editor:

The insurance lobbyists are once again fighting against a fair public health option.

During the election campaign, Barack Obama promised to give everyone the choice of private insurance or a public health insurance plan, like Medicare, with lower premiums and better benefits. Now we the people must once again speak up against the insurance giants and demand a health care system we the people may use and survive.

Josephine Barberini


Out in space

To the editor:

Wow! Frances (Herman, letters, April 2), you think President Bush must have been on another planet? You must be so far out in space that you cannot even focus on earth. Everything that has happened is his fault. But, of course, to blame him you do have to ignore that there has been a controlling Democratic Senate and House to really bind things up.

Senator Dodd, Rep. Frank, and untold others in the group were there to forestall any regulation of the very agencies they were supposed to be "watchdogs" over. Money does not flow from the president - except in the case of President Obama. The Congress and reps are the ones that either pass or fail such giving.

Get real. Look at the ethical record of the previous administration. Tax cheats and moral corruption.

Yes, the spending did increase during the Bush term. But look at what really took place - 9/11. Should we have just curled up in a fetal position and sucked our thumbs? Was there no reason to fight terrorism? You note that the Dow dropped. Yes, it did and so did the housing market which had been warned, many times, of consequences coming down the pike if there was no correction.

Dodd and Frank held off the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They, supposedly watching the hen house, actually gained millions of dollars through their care. They were not the only ones, but many are the ones now grilling witnesses they have called before them.

Before it gets lost in your "fog," what does stem-cell research have to do with "octo-moms"?

Get real, be honest, God bless America.

Connie Dresbach

Cedar Ridge

Roll back suggested

To the editor:

What a disturbing report of raises being given to two college administrative personnel ("College leaders given pay hikes," March 20).

Wouldn't it be nice if the words "roll back" could be applied to overpaid people so that one of two people would get a small job and more "work" could be accomplished.

I do not understand school boards which give raises without a thought for the taxpayer who is footing the bill.

Patricia Jagger