Union Democrat staff

Share superintendent

To the editor:

As a concerned parent of children in the Curtis Creek School District, I write to ask how all but one of our Board of Trustees can vote to close Sullivan Creek School, when a large constituency of us do not feel this is best for our district and Tuolumne County.

Sullivan Creek School was awarded a California's Distinguished Schools Award in May 2008 and may even be eligible for the national Blue and Gold honor.

Our current times are extremely troubling. I believe the hardest event we should be facing is the issue of having had to lay off one third of our staff. The idea of restructuring Sullivan Creek to become a K-2 school has now been replaced with closing the campus altogether.

I believe it may be time to us to share a superintendent with another district. I believe we may save enough money this way to keep our school open, let more people keep their jobs and respect the wishes of the people they are supposed to provide leadership for.

Twain Harte, Belleview and Chinese Camp schools have found ways to make this work. Let's support our staff and the families our schools serve.

Katy Kelley


Let them marry

To the editor:

People should have voted no on Proposition 8. Why? As I say, "Let them get married, and let God sort them out."

But what is the fuss about gays and lesbians getting married? They are humans too. I see no point in making it illegal for them to get married. If they love one another. Let them be, for God's sake.

So when the next vote comes up, vote No on Proposition 8. Let them be happy, not angry with a world that is trying to stop them from being happy. And we should let them adopt the kids in the orphanage. That way the kids have a loving home to be in. And, no, if they are around gays and lesbians they are not going to turn that way.

Lydia Krueger


Modern times?

To the editor:

I couldn't agree more with the points brought out in Claude Giles' letter re: the proposed Jamestown Mine project (March 26). I would hope that the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors would explore all suggestions for this site, not just some that are in keeping with "modern times."

Why are we trying to preserve the history of Jamestown and Columbia to entice tourists to the area if all we care about are "modern times"? In this economy our county needs all the jobs it can get. Here we have a chance to provide some of those jobs, along with considerable income for the county, by way of ticket sales. I urge all supervisors to read Claude Giles' letter very carefully before deciding to just wait for something that fits more with "modern times."

Cathy Calef


Publicity question

To the editor:

I have a question for the parents, teachers and students of Don Pedro High School: Why wasn't the grand opening of the high school's multi-purpose gym publicized more? Not many people in Groveland knew about it unless they attended the March 11 board meeting or drove past the school's marquee.

People cannot attend something unless they know about it! Did anyone on the grand opening committee think about publishing an announcement or putting fliers up at any of the three Don Pedro markets or Main Street Market? Or were you hoping to make the general public and teachers of Groveland look like they don't care about Don Pedro?

Another thing: The teachers and coaches in Groveland have always been very accommodating to me and my children in the seven years they have been attending the schools in Groveland. They are always willing to meet me halfway for field trips or sporting events so I don't have to drive the whole way to Groveland.

Bridgette Hoffman

La Grange

Priorities questioned

To the editor:

Let me make sure I have this straight. At a time when teachers' jobs and sheriff's deputies' retirement benefits are being threatened, $300,000 is allocated to spiff up Angels Camp building facades? Although this money may come from a different bucket, it's ultimately our tax dollars. And while I buy the argument that the small businesses in our towns are critical in terms of keeping our downtowns vital, the timing is poor and one has to wonder if the recipients targeted are more important than others needing help.

Finally, are we to assume that the new architectural design will be that of a Swiss village or a Bear Valley lodge to support the new base camp theme? Perhaps, if more grant money becomes available, we can move the ski slopes 50 miles down Highway 4.

Mark Nelson


Spoiled liberals

To the editor:

For the past couple of days you have printed letters from people bashing Rush Limbaugh. I really hate to label people, but they sure sound like spoiled liberals. My question is why do they hate Rush Limbaugh so much? And where does Domenic Torchia come off calling Rush's listeners cerebrally challenged? Who is he to judge people he probably doesn't know? For his information, Rush Limbaugh loves his country and is a very patriotic man. If Mr. Torchia really listened to Rush, he would know this. Rush does not want this country to fail. Where in the world do you get your information, Mr. Torchia?

To Ray Mellana, who not only bashed Rush Limbaugh, but other conservatives, what is your problem? You called Rush a recovering drug addict. Rush admitted that he became addicted to pain medication after he had had back problems. He didn't shoot heroin, or sit around puffing on a joint.

Mr. Mellana also made some other derogatory remarks, which is what liberals do best.

If they don't have anything intelligent to say, they just make a lot of nasty remarks about whomever they hate at the moment. To both of you, I say get educated, you are going to need it. Read some good books about how this country was founded, and start showing some respect for others. A nasty, hateful attitude will get you nowhere.

Sue Piper


Project warning

To the editor,

I think it's great that California Gold wants to bring business to the county, along with many needed jobs (Standard Center, Union Democrat March 19). With unemployment so high in the county every job will be appreciated and much sought after. I hope the company knows the long hard fight it's going to have, to succeed.

The Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors will take at least several years to reach a decision. If the proposal doesn't have the proper English, Liz Bass will surely vote against it. Then there's the anti-growth group. It will throw every obstacle in the way possible, from three-toed frogs to traffic hazards - its list will go on and on. Just look at how long it's taken Lowe's to bring needed business and jobs to the county.

I hope you can succeed and the jobs are filled before more people lose their homes to foreclosure due to lack of jobs.

Tom Ward


Outraged in Jamestown

To the editor:

I live in Jamestown and I find it appalling that Jamestown is getting a "facelift" with a $300,000 state grant when so many people in our community are losing their jobs, and industries and schools are closing.

This just does not make any sense when times are so tough. I think people need to learn the difference between a need and a want and I believe this is just pure greed.

I thought our community was built on helping others, especially in these tough economic times. I want to encourage others to look to your neighbor and see what you can do to help them and not be so concerned about "beautifying" something while others go hungry.

Penny Johnson


No fluff, bias

To the editor:

Rush Limbaugh is not Tokyo Rose. Rush is more like the canary in the coal mine or the little boy who blurted out, "The emperor is naked!" He is one of the few voices out there in contrast to the bias and slanted information put out by the liberal alphabet soup media. If he thinks something stinks, he isn't afraid to say it.

Rush doesn't want the country or the president to fail. He wants Obama's and the Democrats' wild policies and desire to drive this country to socialism to fail. Congress and Obama have total disregard for the Constitution. The House vote to tax the AIG bonuses was in direct violation of Article I, Section 9. Obama wants to modify the Constitution to create more and bigger government and greater dependency on the government, in direct contrast to its original spirit and intent.

If you drop the bias, clear away the fluff and presentation, you will get to the core of where Rush is coming from and see he isn't he enemy. Rush Limbaugh is more a voice for the conservative movement, not the leader of the Republican Party.

The Republican Party has shifted to the left, where the Democrats once were, and the Democrats have moved yet farther left towards socialism. This country is turning off in a dangerous direction. We are getting into debt we won't be able to get out from under, and Constitutional liberties are in danger.

The other side needs to be heard without labels of sedition or treason. When it comes to Rush, listen more often with an open mind, you might learn something.

Jim Brown