Union Democrat staff

Board thanked

To the editor:

Being a board member is a thankless job. I would like to sincerely thank the Curtis Creek School District trustees.

As I sat in the audience at Monday night's board meeting (March 30), I was horrified. Many people do not realize the work board members put in. Hours of reading and educating themselves so they can be well informed. They endure a high level of stress because they are dealing with people's lives.

Trustees must constantly remind themselves they are there for the children, to make our school the best it can be. Board members are also parents, have day jobs, and are paid next to nothing for what they do for the district. They are not there for the money.

The board made a decision to close Sullivan Creek School based on the facts given to them. They did what had to be done for our district as a whole.

I would also like to say "Thank You" to all of the teachers, classified staff, and parents for coming together at a time when we needed to be strong. You are amazing, and I feel truly blessed to have you represent Curtis Creek School.

I felt so proud to be a Curtis Creek parent, as each of you shared a positive outlook for our schools coming together as one. I feel in my heart that good things are going to come from this change. I witnessed parents and teachers who care so much they are willing to fight for their school. These are people I am proud to welcome at Curtis Creek Just imagine what we can do as we become one.

Goldie Fredrickson,

Curtis Creek parent


What invitation?

To the editor:

Will have to fire my crystal ball, as it forgot to tell me about the grand opening of the gym at Don Pedro High School. I heard later that it was announced at the last school board meeting held at Don Pedro. Just happened to miss that one. Bet the Union Democrat didn't get a invitation until the last minute. By the way, where were the invitations sent to? I never ever did find out.

The reason the Tioga High School gym grand opening was well attended was because Cindy Green, the school secretary, sent invitations to everyone connected to the school. We wanted it to be a great occasion and it was. School board members came for the opening ceremony, and left immediately. The door must have hit them in their rear. They clearly did not want to be there.

Now tell me, is that what they wanted to convey to the students? Lillian Cravens, where was your happy face at our opening? Guess you saved it for the Don Pedro opening.

There are three schools represented by them, and they acknowledged only one. Do you wonder why there is a recall in progress? This has got to stop. A new school board that shows no favoritism and represents the whole district is needed.

Divided we fall. Let's make a good effort to keep that from happening.

Lillian Carson


Total fantasy

To the editor:

Recently I have read some letters to the editor and some bumper stickers proposing that the voters or the Congress should impeach President Obama.

That is such an easy thing to do, write a letter or stick on a bumper sticker, but is a total fantasy at this point in his presidency and would be probably the worst thing we could do while the country is at war and trying to pull through a devastating financial crisis.

What would be much more productive for the intelligent running of our country, state and county would be for those same people to ponder why, when state and federal politicians are held in such low regard by both liberals and conservatives, they are continually re-elected to office. They could then work to elect and vote for decent politicians (and support them once they are elected) instead of the knee jerk reaction of "Impeach the bums." Remember, we recently recalled ( i.e., impeached) Gov. Gray Davis, and look how wonderfully California has done since then.

David Morgan


Unified board?

To the editor:

On March 26, Juliane Berger, the wife of Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District Trustee Bryan Berger (who is up for recall) wrote: "If you want a unified board that stands up to what is right, then vote No on the recall ballot."

My response:

1. The board is openly hostile to supporters of the recall at meetings. 2. The chairperson of the board, Lillian Cravens, has called every student, teacher, and staff member at Tioga High School liars and troublemakers. 3. The board and Superintendent Mari Brabbin recently and unsuccessfully attempted to divide the district into two separate districts. 4. Unless she doesn't supervise the Don Pedro High School students, Brabbin - who also serves as the school's principal - is ultimately responsible for a lie printed on the back of the Don Pedro homecoming program claiming that those favoring the recall want the closure of Don Pedro. Ms. Brabbin was reprimanded by the county superintendent of schools for this violation of the state education code. 5. The majority of district teachers have issued a vote of no confidence to the school board and to Ms. Brabbin.

A unified school board, Mrs. Berger? A board dedicated to the disunification of the district, and openly hostile to the majority of their constituents? Who's kidding who?

Robert D. Wilson

Valenzuela City


(Robert Wilson is a retired district teacher and father of three district students).

Marketplace intrusion

To the editor:

The present fuss about the government approved company bonuses of the bailout company officials and the campaign donations to the politicians reminds me of the cockroach theory:

"Politicians and bureaucrats in some ways resemble cockroaches – it is not what they steal and carry off that hurts so much – it is what they fall into and mess up!"

This mess may have a silver lining if the lesson learned by the public is to be able to distinguish between capitalism and socialism.

Under capitalism, people and companies make money by providing better goods or services to their customers. This is the essence of the free market. Government lobbying is only to protect against unjust laws or unreasonable taxation – never to plunder the taxpayer or oppress the competition.

Under socialism, with its high government involvement in the private sector, company success is dependent on its success in obtaining government funding or favor. The company no longer needs to run itself with sound principles, only to curry favor with the politicians and government officials. Naturally, when the company officials are successful at this they deserve a bonus.

The problem is not the bonuses - it is government intrusion into the market place.

All of this is unconstitutional according to the 10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

To enjoy a prosperous tomorrow and preserve our free and independent America, we must elect leaders who will honor their oath to support and defend our Constitution.

Albert J. Segalla


For the kids?

To the editor:

Wow! Britta Skavdahl coerced the Curtis Creek School Board into closing Sullivan Creek School without a true cost analysis or any plan for the actual closure. Less than 24 hours later, she accepts a superintendent position in Grass Valley.

At numerous meetings leading up to the vote, she was asked about giving up her position to save the district money, and she refused to do so. She even said it would not save the district any money and may end up costing more. She says in The Union Democrat, "I cannot in good conscience, turn down this opportunity that's in front of me." How can she, in good conscience leave the district she just left in complete disarray? Why did she neglect to publicize her intentions to leave? At the closure meeting she said she was only thinking about the kids. Let's have her look our children in the eyes and say, "I need to do this for me."

Michelle Ryan