Union Democrat staff

Spewing mendacity

To the editor:

This is in direct response to Juliane Berger's comments made in her March 26 letter to the editor:

I would like to set the record straight regarding erroneous comments about Tioga High School. First, the audit report did not include Tioga this year. Remarks including Tioga receiving a questionable audit would be fabrication.

Secondly, the teacher under fire for having the wrong credential during employment was hired by the district, not the principal. This principal doesn't hire or fire. It's the district and board that approve positions and the individuals who fill them. In fact, the current superintendent was in place when the "credential in question" was scrutinized during the 2008 school year, as was the administrator who re-hired him for the 2009 school year.

I take exception to one who spews mendacity to the readers to fuel more bad feelings.

One last counter: My words "fight on," in The Union Democrat's Dec. 10, 2008 edition, were directed to the Tioga students. They displayed the guts and the gumption to stand up to wrongdoing, making it loud and clear that something they experienced, at the superintendent's hand, was unfair and unjust.

My comment was never made as an effort to cover up anything. I am proud of the reputation I have gathered, and no amount of blather from an ill-informed individual will change that. It is frightening to think that someone as close to a school board member as their spouse, cannot get the facts straight. This would lead one to wonder what information the board member has digested correctly.

Sandy Bradley, principal,

Tioga High School


Be honest

To the editor:

The Tuolumne Utilities District needs to realize that all of us are experiencing higher costs. The difference is that we don't have the luxury of passing on higher costs to others. Perhaps if TUD directors looked deeply into their pockets, they could find methods of more economical operations.

Perhaps the state and federal mandates are not as firm as we are led to believe. Perhaps the "planned projects" could be delayed or eliminated.

In any case, no one is suggesting that we will have better quality water as a result of the proposed fee increases. Let's be honest. Our pocket books are getting empty now and likely to be more so as inflation sets in. Please do not add to our distress.

Ken LaBarge


Strength in numbers

To the editor:

While American worker productivity has been steadily rising ... wages and benefits have been steadily falling. Meanwhile top executives are paying themselves $10,000 dollars per hour.

The working American was fooled by Republican rhetoric that centered on the idea that paying a reasonable tax to a socially responsible regulatory government amounted to an undue loss of freedom and personal wealth. They found out that an under-regulated private sector winds up costing much much more in lost pay and benefits and loss of freedom, as corporate powerhouses put their competition out of business.

Americans are waking up from a long sick sleepwalk. The American Dream started out as something noble - an idea that, in this country, if you worked hard you could get ahead. It was twisted into the casino mentality that in America, if you bet your money cleverly you could get rich without working.

Both Democrats and Republicans carried the corporate-sponsored "Small Government is Better" banner, but the Republicans still cling tenaciously to it, like people drowning.

When exploited workers organize, they find strength in numbers. When an exploited population organizes around a political party willing to serve the will of the working people, it becomes powerful enough to break even the most powerful monopolies. The Republicans continue to defend the monopolies, oligopolies and super wealthy, along with a smattering of single issue voters. The rest of us will continue to engage and wield the Democratic party as an instrument of and for the common woman and man.

Bob Wetzel