Union Democrat staff

Cause for concern

To the editor:

Dear Janelle (Grillo) and Clayton (Smock) ("Local anti-racism group to host free dinner," March 24 Union Democrat):

Thanks for your honest look at racism in our county. From having raised bi-racial children, the scent of it is easily picked up.

But I am concerned.

First, there is no need to broad brush all opposition to Obama as racism. There are many reasons not to support Obama. For us, his support for partial-birth abortion is primary.

Second, Anti-Racist Action with its tie-in to the Socialist Worker Party. Please! And, horrors, Europe's Anti-Fascism League? Save us that.

I took a look into Anti-Racist Action's Web site (antiracistaction.org) and checked out the company it keeps under "links." You may not know it, but Europe's anti-fascist/anti-Nazi parties and NGOs have become Nazified themselves. They have done so by attaching themselves to Europe's Islamist/jihadist movement. The binding glue is their shared hatred of Israel and all things Jewish.

That evil racist stench showed up in this country several months ago, during the Israeli/Hamas war. It was quite telling that the socialist Left (those folks on that link list) marched with the Islamists in their Back to the Ovens rallies in places like Boston and West Side L.A. The rising stench for the extermination of Israel is frightful. It is shared, sad to say, by Obama's administration.

As you battle racism in our county, please include Jew-hatred, of the Islamist and leftist kind. Can't do that without finding another organization to associate with. For starters, why not Google Pamela Geller's "Atlas Shrugs"? Do that so the good residents in this county can join you in a godly fight.

Steve Golay


State of disrepair

To the editor:

In response to Juliane Berger's letter ("No on Recall," March 26):

Here's the main reason I fully support the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District recall: After John Triolo left as superintendent the year I graduated from Tioga, I have seen my alma mater slip into a state of disrepair. When I left, Tioga High was a California Distinguished School. Now, my brother is a student on independent study, receiving a sub-par education from a school I was proud to attend. Juliane, your husband, and the rest of the Board of Trustees are running the district into the ground, and have lost my trust. Therefore, I strongly support the recall, and urge all Groveland-area residents to stand with me. Another reason is brought up in your letter. If Mr. Dutton's credentials were in fact inadequate, why did the school board base its dismissal on an accusation of plagiarism that was proven to be unfounded, and still refuses to reinstate him?

The truth is, Mr. Dutton's paperwork was being handled and Mari Brabbin deliberately dropped the ball. Juliane, Ms. Brabbin has had two and a half years to prove her worth, and has proven herself worthless in her position of superintendent. A school board's job is to put the students before anything else. The BOFGUSD school board as failed to do so, and blatantly ignores them.

If you want a school board that actually does its job and cares about the students' needs, join me and vote Yes to recall the entire board.

Michael Herman


Limbaugh bashing

To the editor:

What is up with the Limbaugh bashing? "Tokyo Rose" (Domenic Torchia letter, March 23) and "Obese ... Recovering drug addict" (Ray Mellana letter, March 24)?

I realize there are many many people who don't care for Rush or, more to the point, love to hate him. But why lie about his message by saying "he wants America to fail?"

If you really did listen to him, you would know that he wants America and all Americans to succeed. Why ridicule a man for being a recovering addict? There are many people who are recovering addicts; are you ridiculing them too? Are you ridiculing people who are obese?

I don't think you are, but really, shame on you. If you don't like the guy, fine. No one is making you listen to him. Your lies and insults are hateful and offensive to those of us who don't share your sentiment. You've got your guy in office now, so why don't you have something positive to say? Hmmmm.

Laura Lorang


Hope and change

To the editor:

Wasn't it just a few years ago (Reagan Administration?) when the total federal budget was about $447 billion? Just the interest on the various "stimulus" packages already enacted will be: 2013, $367 billion; 2014, $460 billion; 2015, $536 billion; 2016, $601 billion; 2017, $661 billion; 2018, $734 billion and 2019, $806 billion. (Currently the national debt is about $10 trillion dollars).

The above figures are from the Congressional Budget Office, an organization most usually and naturally biased to the majority in Congress. The interest payments will be part of the non-discretionary portion of the Federal budget which is already at 70 percent, which leaves 30 percent of the budget for things like national defense, education, veterans affairs, agriculture,and all the other departments. And, even worse, we already know that non-discretionary spending will rise dramatically because of the wave of baby boomers now beginning to retire and be entitled to Medicare and Social Security.

So what does this growth in federal government spending mean? Either a substantial growth in taxes or a monetizing of the debt, or both. Both cases will very much hurt working people, as they will have less money to spend at a time when a loaf of bread may be $9. Welcome to hope and change.

Tom McMillin

Mi-Wuk Village

I love it

To the editor:

Dear newspaper people, I love Sullivan Creek School, because it has grass and rocks. It has big rocks and little rocks. It has a big toy and monkey bars. It has green grass and blue rocks. It has a big oak tree. It has fifth-grade. It has my friends. It has Rachel, Chase, Jon, Alyssa, Emily D., Amelie, and Logan. It has great teachers. I love it! I love it! I love it!

Emily Van Noord, age 7

Sullivan Creek School

Stop the madness

To the editor:

If you eat the "golden goose" for Sunday dinner, you won't have golden eggs for the rest of the week. It is time for Congress and President Obama to stop the madness.

Lois Bolitho