Union Democrat staff

Power, greed

To the editor:

The AIG situation occurred because it was allowed to take over smaller companies, causing a monopoly. There needs to be a law introduced and passed to put the brakes on this ever happening again. Our government has its hand in the pot, which is not unusual! It has let power and greed (on its part) tear this great nation apart.

When first elected the intent of our leaders was to make this a better nation. Then money rears its ugly head, and they become little puppets.

If we the people have to take pay cuts, extra taxes, job loss, then they should also join us common folk and receive the same treatment. Cut their pay, take away the gas cards. Having large medical expenses, long vacations on our money is despicable. Government officials steered us into this, so let's make them feel the impact they bestowed upon us citizens.

Kathy Symonds


Babbling bozos

To the editor:

The low bar set in recent years sadly has laid the groundwork for more hate mongers, i.e., Looneybin, Newtie, Chambliss, etc. Even with an articulate, intelligent, reading leader, the riff raff is at a feverish pitch. Newtie tried to impeach Billy over Monica, while himself engaged in an affair while married to his second wife, with whom he had an affair while married to his first. Family values? Fellow pols knew of his dalliance(s).

Rush "missed" military service, had multiple marriages and had problems with a controlled substance, yet has the following of a rock star! Shameless declared Cleland "unpatriotic" in '06 elections (Georgia) despite Cleland being a multiple amputee from Vietnam war wounds. Just three of the "role models" of the GOP. (Both parties smell - lived in D.C. twice. Found the GOPs even worse than the dumbos).

Hate jocks sold out to the dark side and don't even know it. I was raised to think for myself, make the effort to be informed and not let others think for me, adding me to the "mob mentality." Family and friends who listen to the diatribes (on both sides) have become mean-spirited, hateful and polarized. Reasoning with them is impossible.

Respecting our laws, living by the Golden Rule 24/7/365, not tuning in to the babbling bozos (who make lots of loot keeping people riled up) would go a long way in bringing about better times. Additionally, when we can speak or write of an individual without the necessity of prefacing the name by either gender or race, we will have taken a big step up the maturity ladder.

Jeanne Beauchel


Support for DA

To the editor:

Regarding the "Cuts, caseload weighing on DA" (Union Democrat, March 23):

To the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors and citizens of Tuolumne County, I urge support for Tuolumne County District Attorney Donald Segerstrom in his efforts to return his staffing levels to normal and, if possible, increase the amount of deputy DAs and investigators in his office.

As a retired police officer with over 20 years working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I know the effects of a DA's office that is understaffed and overworked. The result is more criminals on the street and more crimes being committed. Criminals know the system and when and where to commit crimes. When the criminals realize that the Tuolumne County DA will not prosecute, they will commit their crimes with impunity.

In these difficult financial times, when statistically more crimes are committed, the last thing we need as a community is to encourage more crime by not prosecuting criminals. As the DA pointed out, currently law enforcement is understaffed, and yet it is still submitting a large amount of cases to the DA.

What will happen when law enforcement staffing levels increase and the DA's staffing does not? One of the reasons that I moved to this county was the fact that the DA actually prosecutes criminals for their crimes and these criminals actually do jail time, unlike a lot of other counties in this state.

Please support the D.A. in his efforts to increase his staff. I doubt you will enjoy the alternative.

Joe Riva



To the editor:

Reading the airsoft-BB gun article of March 23 I am again reminded of what a perilous existence my fellow baby boomers and I lived growing up in the 1950s and '60s.

How did we survive without seatbelts, bike helmets, cell phones, GPS, car seats, and the "toy" police? And how so very fortunate I was to have survived a 21-year career in Bay Area law enforcement with the danger of toy guns lurking around every darkened street corner!

Realistic looking BB guns have been around for over 200 years. Lewis and Clark had one with them on their exploration. Point one at a cop in a threatening manner, in 1809 or 2009, and the results will most certainly be the same. And that's the way it should be. Good parents know it, and make certain their good children learn it. It's called responsibility and accountability. Something our country seems to be lacking these days.

Norm Venturino

Twain Harte

End the acrimony

To the editor:

As a former Don Pedro High School coach and substitute teacher, parent of a student and five former students, and a Don Pedro resident of 27 years, I am urging you to remember this:

Mary Kelly has never cheated any child in the district out of anything, but has a stellar record of service to the entire Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District. Let your vote on the board recall be one of support and appreciation.

This board and the current superintendent inherited a mess dating back over 10 years. They have made significant progress. Give them a chance to continue that progress. Much of the criticism aimed at them has proved to be mere rhetoric or unfounded, such as the alleged misuse of Measure M funds.

Before the board voted to renew the superintendent's contract, her critics failed to produce any evidence of past misconduct that would have justified a different decision.

School boards are not free to publicly discuss personnel decisions. Our trustees are not being secretive, but law abiding.

The entire district formerly had one gym, now there are three, thanks to members of the current board.

Nasty politics cause deeper divides and polarized agendas. Let's put an end to the acrimony and instead work together. In spite of all the allegations hurled at the current board, it has continued to provide quiet leadership benefiting the entire district.

I thank them for their service, and you can do so as well when you fill out and send in your ballot. I urge you to "rethink instead of recall," and to vote to retain each of the trustees.

Hans Frei


Truth distorted

To the editor:

Domenic Torchia's letter (March 23) accusing Rush Limbaugh of being "Tokyo Rose" was another example of distorting the truth to advance a position. Mr. Limbaugh at no time called for the failure of America. He has not called for the collapse of the economy.

What Mr. Limbaugh actually said is, "I want President Obama to fail." That's a long way from wanting Amercia to fail. Mr. Limbaugh believes, as many do, that President Obama is a socialist and therefore wants to see the socialist agenda fail. Anyone with a memory that goes back to the Bush administration will remember people who openly wanted President Bush to fail.

GM advertises on Mr. Limbaugh's show to sell cars, not advance a political agenda. If we're going to step on people's rights to free speech, maybe we should have done so when Senator Harry Reid, D-Nevada, stood on the floor of the Senate and, much to the delight of this nation's enemies, proclaimed "this war is lost."

I suggest that Mr. Torchia actually listen to Mr Limbaugh. People need to do their homework before they open mouth and stick in foot. No individual from either side of the political spectrum should wander through life spewing points of the so called "talking heads" without giving some thought to their validity. There are good ideas from both sides that if we could remove the "me-against-them" attitude, we could get good things done. I don't see it happening any time soon.

George Greenfield


Survival tool

To the editor:

Amy Racina's survival in Kings Canyon (Union Democrat, March 20) is an inspiring story. She was alone, 25 miles from the nearest trailhead and severely injured. According to your reporter, "She resorted to screaming." From that I infer that she lacked the most basic, simple and inexpensive survival tool. Amy has recovered and is again solo backpacking. I wonder if she has started carrying a whistle?

Lew McClellan