Union Democrat staff

TUD mess

To the editor:

Recently a water main in our development broke. A Tuolumne Utilities District crew arrived to fix the problem. It required a lot of digging, which produced a lot of mud, gravel and pieces of blacktop. The crew left the streets in our small development a real mess. The following morning I spent more than an hour just cleaning the debris from the gutter in front of my home.

I then called TUD to complain, and was told the reason no clean up had occurred was because the crew finished it after 4 p.m. and they were on overtime. I was assured they would be out that day to do the cleaning. I was naive enough to believe it would happen. Of course it didn't. I'm not talking a huge area here. It's a development of 30 homes consisting of one main street and two cul-de-sacs.

TUD is not shy about raising rates annually. My regular bill is now $112.02 if I don't even use a drop of water. It is not shy, either, about working in a neighborhood and then leaving a terrible mess for people to either clean up for themselves or just live with it. Of course, short of putting in a well, the public has to put up with the high prices and mess from TUD. They have us by the you know whats.

Donna Hamilton


Well said

To the editor:

Re: letter to the editor by Dick Mannini ("Compromise defined," March 26):

Well said. Thank you.

Carolyn Weaver


Out of touch

To the editor:

In regards to Suzanne Taylor's letter ("Impeach Obama," March 18):

Heck, if you would not impeach Bush for this mess (which he left behind) then why Obama? Clinton left a surplus that Bush used up in little over six months. Bush left us with the highest deficits than any one president has ever done. Heck, Bush cooked the books too. He never put the war in his trillion dollar deficit, so really it is higher then that.

Do you realize that when Bush came into office the Dow was 10,000-plus. Then it dropped to what?

But no mention of these things, huh? Bush ignored the economy, saying it was "doing great." What planet was he on? The rest of us, who were getting laid off or whose businesses were failing, saw it without Bush's rose-colored glasses. When Bush told Brownie (Michael Brown, head of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina) he was "doing a great job," then I knew he was out of touch with reality.

"Whatever happen to family values." The key word here is "family." It's not government telling us what we can or cannot do. It is your job to instill values in your children, not the rest of us.

This is about stem research with frozen embryos? They will be destroyed anyway, but at least it will be for something good. Or I guess you want more octo-moms out there for all of us to pay for?

What people do is between them and their God, not for us to judge. Read Luke 6:35-37.

Frances Herman


Hire local

To the editor:

I have noticed several commercial construction and remodel projects in Sonora. The job signs on the buildings and the work vehicles parked nearby, I have also noticed, indicate the contractors are from out of town.

I wish these companies could use some local people also. There are many tradespeople in the county who could use the work. In the long run it would benefit all involved.

Thomas D. Molinari



To the editor:

A March 23 article in The Democrat proves that our local county supervisors are tax drunk. They want to charge manufacturers a tax to pay for recycling. The recent announcement that SPI is closing their plant due to the cost of regulations should have been a wake-up call.

Tuolumne County government paid almost $100,000 of taxpayer money to hold property to build a government center in a down real estate market. They hired an expert at almost $100,000 to bring business into the local area.

It is pretty obvious to anyone that reads The Democrat that our local officials don't have a clue about running a business or what it takes to motivate a business to move into the local area. They have built a level of government that you could call obstructionist. It takes a year to build a house or any other building in this county.

The longest surviving business downtown, Rick the Cobbler, has only been in business for 37 years. Nobody can buy the business because nobody could afford to deal with the code police.

We may not be able to control the craziness in Washington or Sacramento, but we can certainly control it locally. We don't need more taxes. We need to close the local government. We don't need them. Anyone laid off from SPI should be out there taking signatures for a recall election. I will vote for any laid off worker for a supervisor position. Business hires people, not government.

Tom Birks


Protecting crooks?

To the editor:

Regarding the toy airsoft gun story (Union Democrat, March 23): If a crook uses one to commit a crime and gets shot, so what? Let the kids have fun and put the crooks away, not the law abiding people. It seems like the politicians only want to pass gun laws that protect the crooks.

Ed Johnson