Union Democrat staff

Facts needed

To the editor:

Sullivan Creek is a California Distinguished School, and is up for the National Blue Ribbon School Award. The Curtis Creek District is in hard times. The board and superintendent have been talking about restructuring Sullivan Creek School to cut costs. Since last year, parents have been asking for hard financial facts to become better informed. We have yet to see those numbers.

On Wednesday there was a special board meeting. There we learned the superintendent still had no hard financial facts for the board or parents. On top of that, the superintendent and one trustee now are talking about closing Sullivan Creek. This was news to the parents and other board members.

There has been no real cost analysis for the closure of Sullivan Creek. Not until the end of the meeting did a few on the board admit that, while Curtis Creek School could supply the classrooms, the well water and sewer had been having problems and could not support the extra children without possible repairs.

What would that cost? The change in busing alone would be an added $50,000.

The superintendent said we would not know the real costs until the plan was implemented. That seems negligent to me. It's her job to know the financial facts and to supply them, not guesstimates.

It would be irresponsible of the board to make a decision of this magnitude within this time line without a full cost analysis. If you are concerned, come Monday to the board meeting, at 6 p.m. in the Curtis Creek gym.

Michelle Ryan


Last chance

To the editor:

Sullivan Creek earned Distinguished School status, so let's close it?

On March 30 the board will announce its decision to close our children's school! This is our last chance to be heard.

Seventy-five ideas were brought to the board, but trustees refuse to research any except the big-ticket ideas. The smaller ideas can add up to big savings. The board only cares about the bottom line, I care about what is best for my children, and in my opinion, Sullivan Creek is what's best for my children.

Yes, my children will be fine at Curtis Creek. But what's wrong with wanting more then just fine? Why is Sullivan distinguished? It is the fantastic teachers, but also it's the neighborhood location. It's the architecture, the natural landscape and the big oak tree. It's Principal Liz Burr, who knows every one of the children and most parents by name. It's the morning meeting with the whole school and Mr. Perez with his guitar. It's Ms. Boatman, who is always so considerate. It's the Halloween Parade and the teachers' hilarious skit. It's the other employees that build on the family school feeling.

All these things, and so much more, are what make Sullivan Creek what it is - a California Distinguished School. How can we cram our children into Curtis Creek and maintain our superb school and distinguished status?

Soon we will receive letters saying the Sullivan Creek campus will be closed. When that happens, can you tell your children that you did everything you could to keep their school open?

Autumn Herrera


Save our school

To the editor:

I don't know how many of you are aware of the possible closure of one of Tuolumne County's finest elementary schools, so here is a heads up: The Curtis Creek School District is toying with the idea of restructuring or closing Sullivan Creek School in an effort to save money. I can fully appreciate the economic state that we all find ourselves in, but isn't there another way?

Sullivan Creek School, where both of my daughters attend, is not just your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill school. Sullivan Creek's administrators, teachers, programs and campus shine in comparison to other elementary schools, especially to its district counterpart.

Sullivan Creek received the California Distinguished School Award in 2008, which is only given to 5 percent of California's 5,761 elementary schools. To earn this award, a school must "show exemplary and quality education programs," according to the California State Board of Education. That comes out to only 288 schools in the whole state. Ours is one of them! What made this happen is a combination of teachers, programs and environment.

Has the district lost sight of this incredible award? These kids, who score consistently above others their age, are now going to be punished because of it. Find a different solution. Save Sullivan Creek School!

Allison Jones