Union Democrat staff

Stand together

To the editor:

This is not only a letter to the people of Tuolumne County but to the people of the United States, also. This is just a short and simple story:

Times are so hard right now that I and others have worked for less than standard wages according to the law because our families are so hungry and homes are so cold that we are willing to take whatever steps necessary to avoid hunger, homelessness and being put out into the cold.

It is a shame that employers are actually taking advantage of this situation and they know that there are thousands out there that will do the work if we do not. Well, I stood up and had a backbone and said no more and if we all do this, it will stop.

We the people of the United States built this country and should stand up as a nation and be treated fairly, not taken advantage of out of desperation. One as all and all as one - remember we must stand together as a whole.

Dion Cowles


Collapse preferable

To the editor:

In response to your editorial on the harsh treatment of State Senator (Dave) Cogdill by the local GOP:

This quote says it all for me: "Dave Cogdill's sin, as California teetered at the edge of financial collapse, was voting with State Senate Democrats for a long-awaited budget compromise. The plan - a product of painstaking negotiations involving Gov. Schwarzenegger, Cogdill and other legislative leaders from both parties - was aimed at erasing the state's $41 billion budget deficit."

"But, because the plan included tax increases," the editorial continued, it was opposed by most Republicans. "No New Taxes has become the Holy Grail of the state GOP. Virtually all the party's legislators, including Cogdill, had taken a No Taxes pledge."

Cogdill lied, he will never get my vote again. As for Arnold, I am sorry that liberal got my vote not once, but twice. Gray Davis would have been better. At least we knew what he was.

Finally, the reason we have a two-thirds' requirement is so we do not get bad budgets like this shoved down our throat. I would rather have seen the state collapse, maybe then we could have cut all the waste that is in this state. I am sick and tired of morons spending the money that is taken from my check every week.

Sean Owens


Compromise urged

To the editor:

The Republican Party's ideas have been thoroughly discredited among thinking (you know, non-Republicans and ex-Republicans) people. Yet, despite the increasingly obvious fact that the party and its set of failed ideas have hit rock bottom - they continue to live up to their 2008 slogan, and Drill Baby Drill.

If the party is to survive, its members might want to start by putting down the shovels and picking up the language of compromise.

Bob Wetzel


Personal thanks

To the editor:

I would like to add my personal thanks to Mick Grimes for his many years at the helm of The Sonora Area Foundation.

The Sonora Area Foundation, under his direction, channeled grants to us that helped us in getting the word out to the community, build up our caging, and gave us enough money for needed supplies until we could get enough donations to get by on our own.

He even used his own money to establish an endowment fund so people could donate to us in their wills or just because. He has been right there, down to even letting us print our fliers on the foundation's printer. He is a first-class friend and sponsor for all groups in the community. We will miss him.

Judy Herring,

President, Rose Wolf Wildlife

Rescue & Rehabilitation Center


Irresponsible statement

To the editor:

You've got to be kidding me! How could Mr. Robert Price, public defender for Mr. (Gary) Phalen, ask for a "reduction in bail or a release on his own recognizance" stating that Mr. Phalen, "is not really a threat to Tuolumne County." (Union Democrat, Feb. 26).

Mr. Phalen, no matter what his physical condition or age, is charged with putting himself behind the steering wheel of a truck and, under the influence, killing an innocent Tuolumne County pedestrian. If he's not a threat to Tuolumne County who is he a threat to?

What an irresponsible statement from a supposedly educated professional. Mr. Price, I really hope the paper made a mistake in quoting your opinion about why Mr. Phalen should be let out of jail. The rest of the responsible Tuolumne County residents should be disappointed and outraged that a public defender made such a statement. I certainly am. Thank you, Judge Provost, for protecting the rest of Tuolumne County.

Jane Westling