Union Democrat staff

Vote yes on recall

To the editor:

We as Tioga High School students would like to tell you that you will be getting a ballot in the mail to recall the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board.

We as students are not making you vote, but we would like you to. I think it's time to vote the old board members out and get better board members in - board members who actually pay attention to what the students and community have to say.

We have had so many problems and if we don't get rid of them it's just going to get worse. They have proven that they don't have the interest of anyone but our superintendent in mind, so we would ask for some new blood that is willing to restore the school's and the students' morale.

Please help us, and vote out Chuck Day, Lillian Cravens, Mary Kelly, Dave Gookin and Bryan Berger. Vote yes on recall, so we can have a change that is well-deserved.

Ashley Marr


Congress guilty

To the editor:

With over 535 elected members and more than 10,000 staff employees, the congressional leadership of both political parties is supposed to protect the USA against physical and financial disasters, as well as protecting the freedom of the people as proscribed by the constitution.

Both parties are guilty of putting greed for their parties ahead of the needs of our country for a strong economy and for a military that requires a very strong manufacturing capability. Congress, with 535 elected members, seems unable to recognize the importance of manufacturing capability as a highly necessary asset to any real military strength - as proven in World War II.

Because we have the world's largest market for automotive products, the ignorant and stupid Congress allowed companies of other countries to build and ship automobile products to our market with low wages, no Social Security taxes, no medical benefits, questionable retirement benefits and low taxes.

Some experts have estimated that there is an average cost of $2,200 per vehicle of overhead that our imported products do not have, thus causing a huge loss of sales.

The ignorant Congress is guilty for giving away the automotive market to other countries that in time will bankrupt General Motors, Ford and Chrysler if Congress does not do something to bring them back to profitability. One solution would be to limit imports to 30 percent of the total market until our companies become profitable. Congress should purchase and mothball all downsized abandoned buildings and machinery for military back up.

William Challas


Progressive taxation

To the editor:

California is in a budget crisis, and America is flirting with depression. Conservatives want spending cuts and liberals want tax increases. Conservatives oppose any and all tax increases. To mix metaphors, they see tax increases as, "the camel getting his nose into the tent while standing on a slippery slope." Given their interests and constituency, their fears are well-founded.

Our economy drastically favors reward to capital rather than to labor. Working people are thereby deprived of the true value of their effort so that the already rich can reap exorbitant profits. Since working people lack the money to spend, the rich lack profitable investment opportunities in America. Instead they use their money to engage in damaging speculation or foreign investment, actions which neither create employment (in America) nor promote a stable economy.

One important part of the solution - progressive taxation. Raising taxes on the rich gets some of that extra money they are hoarding back into circulation. This money can then be invested in such areas as infrastructure, heath care and education. Rich people will still be rich, and all will benefit.

And this is why conservatives resist increasing taxes for the rich - because it will work. If it is implemented and succeeds in one place, people everywhere will want to do it. The question then will not be "Should we increase taxes on the rich?" but "What is the right level of taxation to maintain a healthy economy?"

Phil Nichols