Union Democrat staff

Fraser sentencing

To the editor:

Isn't it a bit ludicrous to sentence a Fraser to 500 hours of community service (Thomas Fraser sentencing, Union Democrat, Feb. 5)? Members of the large Fraser clan, born and raised in Tuolumne county, have every year of their lives donated more hours to their community than anyone else I can think of.

I was a resident of Jamestown for 24 years, helped rebuild the The Willow Hotel, was a partner in the Smoke and Michelangelo restaurants, and was active in many fund raising and community affairs. The Fraser family, one and all, donated their time and services to any good cause. I'm willing to bet they will continue to do so.

Yvonne (Bonnie) Martin

Naples, Fla.

God bless you

To the editor:

On Feb. 13, my husband and I were returning from the Sonora Regional ER at 1:30 a.m., during a snow storm. Our car made it to the bottom of the hill that leads to our house and refused to go further.

Our only option was to walk approximately four blocks uphill. Having just been treated for a heart condition, my husband attempted the hike.

Out of nowhere, a PG&E employee just finishing his shift came upon us, stopped, and gave us a ride. He said "I saw your tracks in the snow". I didn't get his name, but whoever you are, God bless you.

Betty Phillips


Two districts

To the editor:

In regard to Michael Malloy's Feb. 20 letter stating a "breach of fiduciary responsibility committed by the current management of the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District."

I'm confused, because at the school board meeting of Feb. 11 it was reported that the auditors will give a clean bill of health to the spending of bond funds by the Big Oak Flat-Groveland District. There were no misappropriations or money spent erroneously. All was spent according to the directions of our past and present school boards.

If Mr. Malloy is concerned with the allocation of funds to the different school sites, he should have remained a school board member.

On another issue that needs clarification: Many letters from the Groveland area supporting the recall insinuate that all staff, teachers, students, and the community support the recall. In fact, the classified staff - bus drivers, aides, maintenance secretaries, and all other support staff - did not vote for or against it. The teachers, staff, and students of Don Pedro High School, as well as our community, are against the recall.

We are polarized and have been for many years. The recent issues have only made it publicly clear that common sense dictates we need to reorganize into two separate and autonomous districts.

Pete Fogarty,

teacher and counselor,

Don Pedro High School