Union Democrat staff

Courageous vote

To the editor:

An open letter to State Senator Dave Cogdill:

Dear Senator,

As constituents of the 14th State Senatorial District, we would like to commend you on your courageous and selfless vote recently, which helped solve the budget impasse that was crippling our state and hurting so many innocent people.

We read with amazement that the leaders of your own party intend to punish you. It is our hope that this effort on their part will backfire and that the voters of this great state will support a man who put our collective welfare before party politics and personal aggrandizement. It is our further hope that voters will reassess the value of keeping people in Sacramento who would stand by and "fiddle while California burns".

Richard and Rebecca Chimenti

Twain Harte

The American way

To the editor:

Roy Bridgman's Feb. 20 letter condemning Jim Gallno (letter, Feb. 9) for his remarks on same-sex marriage as promoting "bestiality" was not the truth.

Mr. Gallno presented a very compelling case against gay marriage and never was the word "bestiality" used in his argument. As usual, we get the scare/shame tactics that we are so used to hearing from the other side. Mr. Gallno summarized that legal gay marriage is just another way to validate homosexuality. It is up to the reader to agree or disagree.

Since casting a vote on a ballot issue in this state no longer has any weight - the courts do as they please - what this issue is going to boil down to is who has the best lawyers. It's the American way.

George Greenfield


Assault on God

To the editor:

These newspaper clippings show a widespread assault on God and the Bible.

• Harrison County, Texas, lost a lawsuit to maintain a 47 year old monument containing a Bible encased in glass. The plaintiff claimed that it violated the constitutional requirement of "separation of church and state."

• Sparks, Nev.: The city attorney directed that the word "God" be removed from public signs that say "God Bless America."

• Grand Canyon: The ACLU demands that three plaques containing biblical scriptures be removed.

• Stanislaus County officials removed a 40-year-old memorial because it contained a cross and might infringe on church/state separation.

• North Carolina: A district court judge directed that the oath "So help me God" be removed from the courts.

The ACLU, atheists, liberal judges, etc., are making an aggressive effort to keep God and the Bible out of public places, our government and our schools. They insist that constitution requires "separation of church and state."

Look carefully at the constitution. It doesn't mention "separation of church and state." Former Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist called the phrase a "misleading metaphor," and stated that "it ought to be abandoned."

Consider the attitudes of our founding fathers. Fifty-six of them signed the Declaration of Independence, which refers to God four times. President George Washington referred to "Almighty God" in recommending "a Day of Thanksgiving and prayer." President Abraham Lincoln prayed for "this nation under God." Every president of the United States, in his inaugural address, mentioned God.

Can men silence God? No more than they can prevent an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane, or a sunrise.

Gene Henry

Sugar Pine