Union Democrat staff

Harmful instead of healing

To the editor:

The angst and accusations of treason that are being hurled at legislators over the state budget are harmful instead of healing.

It has taken years of voting for things we could not afford and electing people who cared not about the $288 million it cost California to pay interest yearly on our debt. All this is unproductive money because of the way we have voted. We must govern ourselves by just principles in order to avoid catastrophe.

Dr. Adrian Rogers taught us: "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The solution: We must teach our poor working skills at night schools."

In addition consider the cost to California: Billions for education, health care, and the incarceration of 35 percent of our prison population for illegal aliens. We have increased the state work force yearly, in the face of our indebtedness.

We must let this building, whose foundation is debt, crumble, and pay the price for our foolishness. Our thinking must be based on principles that prosper, before our votes and our actions bring justice to our government and the people.

Jan Higgins


Sickened by their actions

To the Editor:

In response to the Feb. 18 Union Democrat story, "Board defends superintendent's contract":

What is the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board thinking? After reading this article, my suspicions are confirmed. The trustees care nothing about the students and only care about themselves.

Lillian Cravens said that she could not find an excuse not to renew Mari Brabbin's contract. I have a very good one: The blatant disregard to the education of Tioga High School students, the wrongful termination of a talented math instructor and role model, and fiscal irresponsibility.

If they're holding her in such high praise for turning around Don Pedro High, I offer this advice: Revoke the contract and leave her as only the principal of Don Pedro High.

Brabbin has flat-out refused to admit she was wrong and continues to stay on a course that goes right over a cliff, much like our last president. Ms. Cravens, if you wish to truly do the right thing, you would take my advice regarding Ms. Brabbin, and reinstate Mr. Dutton as well. You know as well as I do he would easily win a wrongful termination case, so stop with the bull.

The BOFGSD board is a prime example of the blind leading the blind. Not a single member knows what they are doing. As a Tioga High graduate of the class of 2006 and a tutor for two semesters, I am sickened by this board's actions. As a fellow recall proponent has said, "You all need to go. The whole kit and caboodle."

Michael Herman


Economic crisis is real

To the editor:

I am writing a rebuttal to "Brainwashed?" in Long Barn (letter, Malcolm Carden, Feb.16) who thinks the media has exaggerated the scope of the economic crisis - because "Wal-Mart was packed on Saturday."

How dare he?

My husband and I both are educated and hard-working. In the span of three years my husband has experienced two layoffs in the medical and technology fields. The latest edition of The Union Democrat listed only 13 job openings. We have no medical insurance. Our cars can't even handle a long commute without costly mechanical work. We can't even sell our house. And even if we could, people in large metropolitan areas are experiencing the same job crisis. Companies are downsizing. Hours are getting cut and positions eliminated. The school districts are handing out pink-slips.

Mr. Carden, your wife saw people in Wal-Mart on a Saturday. Wal-Mart is a discount store. People shop there to save money.

I doubt many flat-screen TVs were sold that day. Most shoppers were likely buying essentials such as toothpaste and medical supplies, food and clothing. We lost two clothing stores in this county in the last three months. Excuse us for trying to clothe, feed and clean ourselves while we try to keep our heads above the water. Believe me, this crisis is real and it is staring everyone in the face either directly or indirectly.

Maybe "Brainwashed?" should pull his head out of the sand before it caves in on him and suffocates him.

Lauri Day

Sonora Knolls