Union Democrat staff

Kudos to Cogdill

To the editor:

My hat is off to State Senator Dave Cogdill, R-Modesto, for his courage to get the budget passed.

In California's highly partisan politics, too much has been made of both poles of the state's budget. Meanwhile, people lose jobs, mortgages are foreclosed, and the cost in human and dollar terms keep going up.

For example, California's credit rating is the lowest of any state (while we have the world's eighth largest economy). That translates to higher interest costs when California borrows. This economic crisis was not brought about by rampant Democratic spending, it was a meltdown of the nation's financial system.

I abhor the Republican ethos of seizing the opportunity to push their ideology for no new taxes. So, congratulations, Senator Cogdill, you did the right thing and you have my vote.

Bob Asquith


Have they forgotten?

To the editor:

This is why I fly my American flag at half staff: As of Feb. 15, at least 4,245 members of the U.S. military had died in the Iraq war since it began in March of 2003, according to an Associated Press count. This does not include Afghanistan.

I will fly my flag at half staff until the killing stops, out of respect for the soldiers, their friends and families that have had to endure the loss of their loved ones, and for those who have suffered terrible injuries. Did you notice how at first this news was broadcast 24/7, and now you barely even hear about it?

Have they forgotten about everyone out there putting their lives in danger?

Tracy Newsom

Sonora Meadows

Buck stops where?

To the editor:

Seems to me while on one hand some in Washington, D.C., are engaged in reprimanding (for their lavish spending and decadent business practices) those they are helping (?) with billions and billions of our taxpayer dollars, others are busy joining Speaker Pelosi on our dime for a gratuitous junket to Italy that won't do a darn thing to create any jobs here at home.

Now that she has single-handedly saved some poor little mouse in the SF Bay, maybe the speaker would do well to follow her bosses lead and try a little belt tightening of her own. The estimated $200,000 that the Pelosi "Junket Squad" will spend just for private airfare would provide enough working capital for my business to last about a year and would help create four or five new jobs almost immediately.

Instead of wasting money on freebie vacations for our elected officials, more investment by the federal government through the SBA would go far to revive many small businesses which clearly will help economy get back on-track. If small business is as important as the feds profess, how about a little "trickle-up" for a change so the economy can actually get some traction in order to begin moving ahead again?

Bill Gordon