Union Democrat staff

Accountability asked

To the editor:

Your editorial Feb. 12 editorial, "Restoring public trust in county government" concludes that the taxpayers of Tuolumne County were "well represented in court last week." That may well have been.

But, do the taxpayers know that virtually everything Mr. Fraser did that was deemed wrong, he did completely in the open? He "stole" not one thin dime. And he consistently received perfect fitness reports by those whose job it was to supervise and evaluate him.

Why? Could it be because that's the way it had always been done? What have those who clamor so zealously for restoration of public trust really done, other than single out a decent guy to punish for their own sins?

Where is their accountability? Conveniently, nothing at all has been proposed by them or The Democrat. Nothing has been proposed that would change the way that local government regulates itself.

Mr. Fraser's generous acceptance of responsibility for these sort of things was the first. If justice is to be served, it shouldn't be the last.

Eric H. Schweitzer


(Schweitzer is Thomas Fraser's lawyer)

Dark reality

To the editor:

To whom it may concern: Are you still dreaming of a bright future, or have you awakened to the dark reality it has already become?

Just wondering.

Pat Loring


Sign me up

To the editor:

I recently decided to change my e-mail address, so I called my Internet service provider. Wow, what a shock I received. The person I spoke with was in India. She apologized about only typing 25 words per minute, was new at her job, and could hardly speak English. I, of course, don't speak the language of India.

We had some problems, but it was done. Today, more problems, so I called the ISP number and guess what? Another person from India. Same problem.

Is there an Internet provider not outsourced to India? If so, sign me up.

Sandra Haigh


Obstructionist votes

To the editor:

An open letter to Congressman George Radanovich:

Your comments re: the stimulus package are appalling. You know that the spectrum of respected economists all agree that we need government investments now if we are to pull our country out of the economic disaster that the Republicans have created. It won't be enough but it's a good start.

Your obstructionist votes and misleading statements will lead to an early end of your political career. Government vehicle fleets must routinely be replaced. You make it sound like we're buying hybrids to give to government employees. We're talking about law enforcement officers, firefighters, agricultural inspectors, timber sale administrators etc., and the government vehicles they drive in public service.

Your constituents will see Obama and the Democrats responding to America's needs and you and the Republicans basically attempting to sabotage success for the country since, in your twisted world, America's success will also be Obama's and the Democratic Party's.

You still have time to change course and begin to work as part of a healthy legislative branch, providing your best arguments for your political philosophies (and noting that this administration takes the best ideas from either side of the aisle to construct an eclectic position), then accepting and supporting the legislation that is passed.

This first phase of recovery needs the support of all Americans. This is no less a war than the one against terrorism. Our commander has a strategy for this war on economic terrorism and failure of any American to support him is nothing short of treason.

Bob Wetzel


Thanks from vets

To the editor:

I was very saddened to learn of the passing of Darlene Faull on Jan. 17. She was a good friend who faithfully carried on the family tradition of placing flags on the graves of veterans in the cemeteries of Altaville and Vallecito. This tradition started in the 1960s and has been handed down through five generations of Darlene's family. It is hard to realize that this is almost 50 years of honoring veterans.

Even though Darlene had seven back operations and suffered many nervous breakdowns, there was never any doubt that our veterans would be honored by having a flag placed on their gravesite every Memorial Day.

I am positive that over so many years there were many times her family rallied to help her complete the task. I have been assured by her daughter that the family does intend to carry on this great tradition. I thank the family for that service to our veterans. I know that when I visit these veterans' gravesites on Memorial Day. I appreciate so much the tradition that she and her family have shown to our veterans and I am glad to share this appreciation with your readers.

Edwin Winkler

American Legion Post 290