Union Democrat staff

Hightower praised

To the editor:

I'm delighted to see you run a column by Jim Hightower. He may be the best political commentator we have. His opinions are solidly based in facts, he tells his readers how to do their own research or participate in the process, he has a clear vision, and perhaps most importantly, he's funny as heck. He sees through the spin, the lies, and the camouflage. He names names, regardless of political affiliation, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. He entertains while teaching and doesn't ask you to take things on faith.

Please run as much Jim Hightower as you can squeeze in. And if you have to delete an occasional column by prejudiced party hacks to make room, so be it.

Eric Jung

Bear Valley

Reaganomics dead

To the editor:

We should all be able to agree now: Reaganomics, otherwise known as laissez faire capitalism, is officially failed and dead.

When even Alan Greenspan proclaims the likely need for bank nationalization, you know you can stick a fork in libertarianism. It's done.

Let's move on towards the wisdom of socially responsive democracy. Replace your Republican obstructionist with a representative capable of seeing the need for and working cooperatively to bring about positive change.

Robert Wetzel


Blanket assumptions

To the editor:

Here's another piece of information regarding PERS. A previous letter argued that ultimately salaries and employee/employer retirement contributions all come out of taxpayer money. I would remind everyone that people who pay into PERS also pay taxes, so it can be argued that people paying into PERS pay for a portion of their own salaries.

Are people who pay into PERS fortunate? Absolutely, as it's nice to have any kind of retirement fund! However, what you receive from PERS is directly related to your salary, age and years of service. Not all union jobs pay handsomely as most people assume. Consequently, there are many people collecting retirement checks from PERS that are comparable to earning minimum wage. I know several people who retired with a PERS retirement and have gone back to work to make ends meet. So please, don't make sweeping, blanket assumptions and present them as fact when they're not.

Nancy Bull


Ducking responsibility

To the editor:

Congressmen George Radanovich, R-Mariposa, and Dan Lungren, R-Gold Run, have been a big part of the problem that created this disaster and now they duck responsibility when it comes to cleaning up the mess they helped make.

This is a Republican-built economy we're dealing with after eight years of the worst administration in our history. Both of these members backed almost every move Bush made, and now have forgotten his name. As taxpayers we have a choice - don't vote for any incumbents, they created this situation by their failure to see it coming.

William Bergmann