Union Democrat staff

Held accountable

To the editor:

Who's being bailed out?

After 25 years in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties, we are moving on. Worked those years in law enforcement, went through an awful divorce due to laws against men based on patriarchal semitic religious dogma.

The reptilian-brained, dumbed-down judges almost destroyed me. I did prevail over time and was able to purchase a house five years ago in Copperopolis that foreclosed last year. My current house is foreclosing now. We had to rent a small cottage for 100 days, which turned into a nightmare with a predatory landlord and his assistant, who tried to blackmail us.

The government bailed out AIG at the tune of $137 billion. Why? Because they are the insurance company for the lenders. That means the lender does not have to make any changes to your loan because when the house forecloses it is sold for fair market value. And AIG pays the difference on the loan. So no bailout for the individual. They only threaten you with a decline of your credit score. There is no hope until the system crashes and the people can get back to their pagan roots and love of Gaia, Mother Earth, and the journey back to the one.

We are leaving the reptilian brain that lends itself to the criminal mentality of corrupt landlords and a backward, burned out judicial system that has no idea of morality or fairness. We say namaste to the few sentient folks we have met here, and hold the rest accountable for their actions in the karmic reality that awaits us all.

Ray Guthrey



To the editor:

Mr. Keyth Pike, as to your Feb. 9 letter to the editor, promoting a constitutional right for every and all American citizens to have military-grade arms, assault rifles and ammo so as to defend our state and country: It's hair-raising, preposterous, terrifying and unacceptable.

What country today has a reason - plus money, manpower, and hundred of thousands of trained soldiers plus ships, planes, etc. - to invade us?

The world has changed since 1776. Today's rapid, continuous-killing firepower guns are a world apart from the ball-and-powder, single-shot muskets available when the Constitution was written and every man with a gun was needed.

Wow, the felons must love your message. Federal Courts want to release tens of thousands of these criminals because of over-crowded prison conditions. With assault rifles they could feel invincible and where desired, kill anybody in their way.

What about the hate-organizations, the gangs, or the mentally-disturbed? Or the 7-year-old that grabs his big brother's rifle to kill that teacher who reprimanded him and/or other students who laughed at him?

I, for one, prefer to have today's peace of mind that I can leave my house without fear, knowing that I am 99 percent safe from nuts with guns.

James A. Doot


Health answer

To the editor:

We need to stop the multi-level profiteering at the expense of human lives. Single-payer can be policed better. We have public police and firefighters, so why not health care? All the people who want no change want the comfort of dysfunction. Save lives and cure people, not corporations!

David Self


On their side

To the editor:

In response to Mary (Kelly) Urrutia (letter, Feb. 6):

These are the same students that your mother loved and wrote so lovingly about in The Union Democrat that are being accused of outraged uncivilized behavior. The recall by the students at Tioga High School was not directed at your mother.

I have lived in this area for over 28 years and have not once seen behavior like has been described. My grandson is a student at Tioga, and he cannot believe this is happening. It is unfortunate that the students at Tioga have been put into a situation and that they are fighting for their very education because of the turmoil at the high school. It may be possible that someone out of the area is taking advantage of the situation and has found a way to "stir the pot," and put the blame on the Tioga students.

Please be assured that it is not possible for the local students to be part of this situation. They are too busy trying to get an education, and I know they would not do anything to hurt Mary. She has always taken the time to let them know she is on their side.

Lillian Carson


Public trust

To the editor:

The so called stand against county abuse of the public trust was lost long before any recent case being celebrated by its conspirators. The citizens and employees of this county deserve what they get if they continue to remain silent and turn a blind eye. You reap what you sow. And those who stood silent in fear of reprisal will have the same happen to them when the zealots attack.

Returning public trust? When did Tuolumne County ever have it?

Dennis Raymond