Union Democrat staff

Abuse of trust

To the editor:

Thank you so much for printing the front page article "Oversight committee accuses district of abuses" (Feb. 5).

For those of us in the community who for months have been concerned about the lack of oversight for spending the bond funds, this attention provides some welcome relief. Of the $16.5 million in bond funds, $14 million has already been spent, so this may be the classic case of closing the barn door after the cows have gotten out. But at least taxpayers are becoming aware of the breach of fiduciary responsibility committed by the current management of the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District.

One wonders, what will be the response of the taxpayers in Groveland and Big Oak Flat? I hope the taxpayers decide it is time to revolt against this abuse of the public trust.

Michael Malloy


Heartfelt thanks

To the editor:

On Feb. 7, the Sonora City and the Groveland fire departments paired up to run a boot drive for the Firefighters Burn Institute. This effort was spearheaded by Sonora High School student Adria Moss, who organized the drive as her senior project.

This boot drive was a wonderful success. The amazing spirit and generosity of the people in Sonora and beyond, even during very difficult economic times, once again prevailed. More than $5,220 was raised to support the FFBI.

The FFBI has been a living memorial to the 10 adults and 12 children who were killed in the 1972 Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor air show plane crash in Sacramento - the worst air-land crash on U.S. soil until 2001's Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. A year later, the FFBI, as a result of that Sacramento crash, was established to build a burn center at the U.C.Davis Medical center to help those in need.

It has helped many patients from Tuolumne County, including late Sonora High art teacher Jim Albini. As a child who survived the O'Farrell's crash, and having lost my twin, Kristi, in that crash, it has been a comfort to me and my family to know that other lives have been helped and healed through the FFBI's efforts to raise money for the UCD Burn Center, burn education and kids' burn camps.

A very heartfelt thank you goes out to Adria Moss, the Sonora and Groveland fire departments and the generous friends and citizens of Sonora.

Kerri Francis McCluskey


Messiah Limbaugh

To the editor:

While President Obama seeks to complete his team with persons who are not income tax paying-challenged, the once-Grand Old Party is searching for someone who will lead its members out of their valley of tears and sorrows to the heights they once occupied in that "bright, shining city" in Reaganland.

Will the party's messiah be Senator McConnell, Congressman Boehner, Party Chairman Steele, Governor Palin? How about one of those Texans: Bush I or II, Tom DeLay, Dick Armey or Phil Gramm? How about Bob Dole, Dan Quayle, Bill Kristol, or some evangelistic preacher?

My money is on Rush Limbaugh, who has already taken on President Obama, mano a mano. Limbaugh has all the qualities of leadership - just ask him and his loyal megadittoheads. He has the face, voice, shape and the wholesome charm for the job.

Ray Mellana


Remove government

To the editor:

When we recognize that our government is corrupt and non-representative, we have a right and a duty, established by our founders in the Declaration of Independence, to alter or abolish that government.

The grievances against this government are many, including:

• Failing to protect America's borders, supporting illegal immigrants and encouraging non-citizen voting

• Abetting the transfer of jobs to outside of the United States and importing foreign workers

• Promoting homosexual marriage, altering our most fundamental family structure and tradition

• Encouraging tribalism and racism through the concept of "ethnic diversity," thereby diminishing our American commonality

• Permitting and encouraging the sale of U.S. strategic assets to foreign entities

• Failing to properly regulate our banking, real estate, and financial sectors, resulting in extreme economic loss to the people

• Endangering America's economic future through excessive deficit spending and taxation

• Establishing a "shadow" government after 9/11 and continuing its existence

• Failing to properly inspect and control imported products into the United States, resulting in illness, injury, and death

• Permitting usury to flourish

• Planning and executing perpetual war, with no exit strategies or financial restraint

Two hundred and thirty three years after the Declaration of Independence, we again find cause to free ourselves from a despotic government. The means may be different, but our goal must remain the same as our founders: to remove this government.

Randy Meyer