Union Democrat staff

Let them know

To the editor:

If anyone believes our elected officials are doing what is best for the "little guy," I call your attention to the following items in the stimulus bill:

• They have deleted the E-verify provisions of the law which means that illegal aliens will be competing against the tens of millions of laid-off US citizens who are seeking employment.

• The President has "hijacked" the 2010 census from the Commerce Department to the White House. This will enable them to crunch the numbers to make certain the Democrats control future elections.

Regardless of your party affiliation, I don't think this is the kind of country you want and it certainly isn't the country our forefathers envisioned. If you agree, please call, write or e-mail your senators and representatives and let them know what you think.

Dolores Kipp


Wake up call

To the editor:

I have worked in insurance for many years and, believe me, we do not want the government telling us what we can have done, when and where, and if we don't need care. I worked in Washington State for years and many, many Canadians came to the U.S. to get their health needs met.

In Canada, you can have one MRI center in a 500 mile radius and it could take months to just get an MRI done. There is so much more to it, and it is not good. We need to do something for our own citizens so they are covered.

No one wants to take Medi-Cal anymore as providers hardly get paid or it takes forever to get anything. Many doctors here refuse to take Medi-Cal.

America needs to wake up. If you don't, our own government is going to run everything in our lives. Write or call your senators, governor, Congress etc., and stand for what this country stands for. There has to be a better plan.

Patti DuFur


Fresh air

To the editor:

Let me begin by saying that it is good to see someone praised for work not often recognized. I am speaking of Tuolumne County Historian Carlo De Ferrari.

I owe much to De Ferrari's work. As I adventured into Tuolumne County history towards my undergraduate degree in history at the University of California at Santa Cruz, I was blown away by De Ferrari's contribution to the history of the area. Without him, there would be little synthesis in the story.

What most historians and other academics have written is filled with little color, few literary illustrations, and only a shadow of life. De Ferrari, however, brings breath to an otherwise lifeless representation of laws, court cases, and gunfights. Sure, contributions others have made are more than commendable, but they fail to achieve the intimacy De Ferrari imbues into, say, Justice Barry or Thomas Stoddart.

It sounds odd to me, too, that I would care how we are viewed in the history books. But as I got older and began my historian's training, I realized it does matter. It is certainly not as pertinent as our country's recession or the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it is a breath of fresh air.

We all owe much to De Ferrari's diligence. Sonora and Tuolumne County's history will not fade into obscurity or get subsumed by stories of the "Wild West" and the illusions about Joaquin Murrieta.

Mark Robertson

Los Gatos