Union Democrat staff

Missing the point

To the editor:

Those that think the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board recall is a mean-spirited vendetta are missing the point. When you step into the shoes of a school trustee, you accept under oath ultimate accountability to the community that you serve. The issues (of the recall) are the board's failure in areas of fiscal responsibility, employee management and response to public concerns. Claims that trustees cannot be held accountable due to their varying times of service over these last three years just don't hold water. I believe the core failure of this board was to become an uninformed, reactive body, rather than showing proactive leadership.

Whether one believes the school board has been unfairly accused, or is guilty as charged, the fact remains that without the trust of its constituents - students, parents, teachers and administrators - it cannot function effectively as a board.

Opponents continue the rhetoric that electing a new board won't bring change. In the countdown before the recall election, we invite you to join us (parents, students, teachers and administrators) in proactively reshaping the destiny of our children through community activism - the kind that built a library with aluminum cans, raised funds for two years to send 20 Tioga High School students to Europe to study art, sponsored the Tioga Academic team to the state championship, and voted in bonds so that all school campuses could have gymnasiums.

Let's give Students for a Better School District what they have asked for - a better school district.

Miriam Martin


Shining again

To the editor:

Yvonne Denton is a wonderful band director. We are grateful for all the work she does. Parents and kids have a lot of respect for her. She is giving the band back its pride and is making the Sonora High School Golden Regiment shine once again.

The band is having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on Feb. 21 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds so members can go to San Diego, play in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, and show how they shine. So please come and support the Golden Regiment, and show the band's musicians how proud their town is.

Thank you again, Mrs. Denton, and keep up the good work

Susan and (daughter)

Narcissus McKay


Discriminatory order

To the editor:

Last Friday our new president went against his vision of inclusion by signing an executive order that limits who can work on federal construction projects. The order states that federal agencies are encouraged to sign project labor agreements that allow union workers on federal construction projects.

This executive order overturns an eight-year ban on the use of discriminatory, union-only agreements. Considering that 84 percent of all construction workers in our country have chosen not to affiliate with a union, this executive order tells the overwhelming majority of construction workers,"You are not welcome to work on federal construction projects."

Hard to believe the first elected black president of the United States would agree to exclude millions of men and women from being able to work on all construction projects.

John Robinson


Dysfunctional family

To the editor:

The budget demands being put on state employees is no way to fix the state's budget.

The capitol is like a dysfunctional family and you, the governor, are the head of the family. You are dealing with information your cabinet sets before you. Maybe you need to take time out from your regular duties. Sit down and look at what your cabinet is planning to do to fix the budget.

Maybe to save the budget you need to look at the cabinet's finances versus the income of the middle class. Look into your own house and see how you are being a dysfunctional family, because the people of California are depending on you as governor. We need you to take a stand for us and look at how many families you are going to destroy with this type of budget plan. It is tough for everyone. This decision on the budget will destroy even more families and their livelihoods.

You want the easy way to fix the budget? Look at your cabinet salaries, and the bonuses members get for, not doing their jobs properly. You have a safety net, so maybe none of this really matters to you.

There are people that are really suffering because of the decision made by you and your cabinet. My wife and I are both state employees, which to us means double jeopardy. Do some of the thinking on your own. Be a true governor to the people of California. Take back all those new cars the lawmakers just received.

A member of just one of the families you are about to financially destroy,

Greg Miller


(Miller is a Sierra Conservation Center employee)

True threat

To the editor:

Re: Online poll re: greatest threat to the United States. You forgot to create an option marked Pelosi. That would be the far and away winner.

Mike Schmitz

Mountain Ranch