Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

I'm starting to wonder if we aren't being brainwashed into thinking that things are a lot worse in the current economy than they actually are. My wife was in Wal-Mart on Saturday, and she said the place was packed with people buying stuff - a "zoo," in fact. Perhaps every other store in Sonora was empty that day, but I rather doubt it.

I think one has to start looking beyond all the Chicken Little "sky is falling" stuff that you read in the papers and see on TV, and realize that things aren't necessarily as bad as they look. After all, good news doesn't sell newspapers, does it?

Try turning off your TV for a few days and see if you feel better. I've found that it works wonders.

Malcolm Carden

Long Barn

Life saved

To the editor:

Since 1990 I have had a potentially fatal disease. I was what one would term "seriously suicidal." I fought it daily - 19 years of hell.

I can think of only two reasons I am still alive:

• The grace of God and prayers from others.

• The Tuolumne General Hospital psychiatric unit - "The Third Floor."

Twelve times in the last 19 years I found myself on a tightrope - out in the middle - and I fell off.

The Third Floor was my net - they saved my life there.

Now the county doesn't think a life is worth saving. They closed TGH down, shut tight.

I pity those who fall off of their tightropes and have no net.

I am one of the lucky ones. After my last visit (November 2008), I got a miraculous healing from God.

I wish everyone could have this happy ending - without having to die first.

Peace be with you.

Karen Maciejewski