Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

Why is California's population willing to put up with the governor and Legislature's failure to accept their responsibility and not pay the governor, legislators and all their aides until the budget is passed? Is it that Californians are so used to this irresponsible behavior that they ignore it?

Well, they have to pay for it anyway. Write a front page article about how much we have to pay for this irresponsibility. This is way beyond bad, this is outrageous. Where is the outrage?

Bob Asquith


Stimulus plan

To the editor:

This letter is a response to the growing criticism of our new administration's economic stimulus proposal. Its critics are the same ones who thought that wasting a trillion in Iraq was a good idea. We got nothing but grief from that one. They also thought that wasting another trillion on the recent bailout was a good idea. A corporate jet, a baseball team, bonuses and raises for the execs, a trip to Coronado and the gobbling up of financially-distressed corporations at bargain prices ... none of these benefited anyone I know.

So, how about if the critics just pause long enough to recognize that the majority of us think they have had their say and that it's time for them to just sit on their hands for a year or so.

At worst, the economic stimulus proposal is another wasted trillion - but one which does not cost lives in a war and one which does not deliver a pink slip and a foreclosure notice to the mailbox. At the best, it will serve the purpose of beginning to rebuild our physical infrastructure, put people to work and begin the slow process of rebuilding faith that our government is "of the people, by the people and for the people."

John Kinnear


Family's impact

To the editor:

Congratulations Rick Francis on number 600!

I've had the fortune of being involved with the Francis family for quite some time. Rick's mother, Dotte (Mrs. Francis to us), was our basketball coach at Columbia Elementary School just a few years ago. She was cool! I wasn't much of a basketball player.

Rick's brother, Roger (Mr. Francis to us), wrote a great letter for me so I could attend Chico State. The letter was needed because I hadn't been such a great student at Sonora High School. Fortunately, I was able to understand the importance of studying and paying attention and graduated from Chico State.

I've always admired the Francis family and they all had a big impact on my life. Congratulations Rick, I know you too have made a huge impact on many young lives in this community. You can't ask for more than that. Here's to number 700!

Barry Rudolph


More cheeseburgers

To the editor:

I agree with Mr. Perry that we don't exactly need another McDonald's a mile from the first one, but there is the exact same issue with Starbucks - same locations within 150 yards. Yeah to a Wendy's, or any other, but ya gotta figure McDonald's gave a little thought to needing this. The current one is very busy, and they are really poorly set for any more traffic.

Yeah!! $1.19 double cheeseburgers! Yeah!! More jobs and tax revenue!

Gene Salvetti


Yes on recall

To the editor:

I would like to remind everyone that our recall election is coming up. Our board has pushed the election date to the latest possible day, costing our district more money. The election is now set for May 19.

Please vote yes on recalling the board. Current board members are Chuck Day, Lillian Cravens, Mary Kelly, Bryan Berger and Dave Gookin. There will be other candidates running that are more suitable for the job.

Please let us have new school board members and have a fresh start. Please do your research and vote for candidates that are going to restore our schools.

Hannah Sawyer, student

Tioga High School