Union Democrat staff


To the editor:

In response to Mary Kelly's letter (Jan. 26): "The saddest part about all this foolishness" was caused by you and your board, wrongly removing a teacher and role model (As well as flat out refusing to reinstate him after he was proven innocent!), thus ruining the education of many Tioga students.

Students with very good grades are nearly failing in math because of your foolishness. As a volunteer tutor, I gave my time to help the students affected by your board's foolish decision to wrongly remove a valuable member of the Tioga High community. So, I ask you, Mary, how much classroom and study quality were lost, how many ideals were shattered, and to what purpose? Your board's irresponsibility.

My only regret is that I'll be attending Oregon State University during the recall election, and won't be able to vote in it. At least I was able to help collect some signatures for this.

To Norman Reed: Right on, brother.

Michael Herman


Only kidding

To the editor:

(Actually, this letter is for the federal agent who in the not so distant future will be scanning newspaper archives for dissident letters to the editor).

Dear sir: Hey, man, you know those other letters I wrote were meant to be a joke. You know, like they were satires. Like, I'm not really a right-wing conservative. Like, they are hateful and want to destroy the planet, starve poor women and children, and, like, bomb villages to save them.

Like, you know, on the surface those letters may have seemed critical of the news media, but I know that, like, sometimes you have to bend the truth a little or leave it out for the greater good of the masses. I mean, like, how else ya gonna change the world, man? Hey, you know, to each according to their needs, from each according to their ability. That's where it's at, man, and who better to manage that than the central planners in Washington who only have our best interest at heart?

Dude, like, I was always on your side, and meant to vote Democratic, only that darn ballot was so complicated. Like, you know, I love central planning and promise never to call it socialism. Like, group think is, like, good. Pop culture is so, so 21st century, and I think it's really going to be cool when I can't afford a car, as long as some rich guy can't afford a Mercedes.

So you see, it's, like, not really necessary to send me to that reeducation camp and, well, there's just one thing. Do you think you could get me a government job?

T. McMillin

Mi-Wuk Village

Shelters suggested

To the editor:

Re: Tuolumne County Transit.

It occurred to me that it is an inconvenience to ride these buses, especially for the elderly. Maybe if benches and covered stops were provided for those miserable, rainy, snowy winter days and for the unbearably hot sunny days in summer, we might see more riders - especially the elderly.

John Pitsker


Editorial cynicism

To the editor:

The Union Democrat must take responsibility for a shocking failure of either moral courage or professional insight or both. The paper, on its Jan. 30 opinion page (Victor Davis Hanson column), has chosen to dedicate 34 column inches of ad hominem smear and hard-right empty generalities of the sort we can turn off on TV and radio, usually from ideological water carriers.

You have chosen to cozy up to our local faction of the nation's blinded, deafened losers - the True Believers who can't remember that the Good Old Days never were - leaving the rest of us appalled at your editorial cynicism.

More than half a million of America's youth died in our Civil War, brought about through successful propaganda by the moneyed "Southern Aristocracy" persuading the youth that they should die for "States Rights" instead of for slavery. Now we are again expected to comfort the comfortable, allow the poor to starve and freeze to death, buy into a gradual return to industrial and commercial slavery, all to reward the Moneyed Masters of the Universe who have shown us only greed and human indifference as they destroyed our economy.

The Union Democrat normally doesn't fall into propaganda traps, and doesn't need to waste precious newspaper space on ideological malice from an articulate demagogue.

Please don't hire help to dig the hole we're in deeper. Please consider looking into what can be done, rather than looking back at what failed and blaming everyone and everything except the instigators.

If you want to look back, consider the need to indict our war criminals before other nations bring them to the world court. Ad hominem need not apply.

David Self


Miracles happen

To the editor:

Miracles still happen. Hallelujah! Tuolumne County's health officer, Dr. Todd Stolp, and Environmental Health Officer Dennis Kalson are true public servants in the most positive sense possible.

What they have done by using common sense gives one hope for our county's future. They did not simply come to the Board of Supervisors with a song and dance about new state regulations and requests for more money and more staff to implement new, ridiculous rules. No! They came with a recommendation that the board write a letter to the state saying that the law and implementing rules do not make sense and cannot be enforced without putting an undue burden on the county and county property owners. The Board of Supervisors agreed, and adopted a letter asking for a waiver from the state regulations.

Whether the waiver will be granted is another matter, but the way the issue is being handled at the county level is admirable. I hope The Union Democrat understands the significance of what happened at that board meeting. It should go down as one of the top 10 stories of 2009.

I should know. I served in Tuolumne County government for 38 years. Twenty-eight of those years I had the honor of serving as the elected assessor-recorder. All too often local government simply yields to state mandates without challenging the stupid laws that are foisted on it to enforce. Thank God we have some folks who are willing to stand up for what is right and tell the state to go to hell.

David Wynne