Union Democrat staff

Should be ashamed

To the editor:

By now it is common knowledge the Mary Kelly has resigned from the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board.

Quitting before a job is done is not in Mrs. Kelly's character, but I feel very proud that she had the courage to choose her health over "seeing it (the recall) through."

My family and I have been outraged at the uncivilized behavior generated during this recall campaign - trespassing on private property, pounding on doors in the middle of the night, inflammatory rhetoric at board meetings, the hostile and personal tone of the recall effort. Those responsible should be ashamed.

There is a right way and a wrong way to to protest, and the behavior of some in this instance have put someone near and dear to me in harm's way. I have no doubt that Mrs. Kelly will continue to meet the needs of her community as best she can. That's what she's always done.

Mary (Kelly) Urrutia


(Urrutia is Mary Kelly's daughter)

Conflicting paths

To the editor:

I agree that Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, pilot of Flight 1549, is to be praised for saving the lives of 155 people, but has anybody given any thought to the birds that brought down Flight 1549?

Since U.S. Airways has built its flight paths to compete with the migratory pathway of Canada geese, don't you think that Flight 1549 was on an inevitable collision course?

Just as we human beings strive and labor for our survival, so do the birds.

What should we do now? Do we continue to fly the same path that swallowed up some birds which brought down a plane, or do we share the airways with the migratory Canada geese? There are times when humanity oversteps its bounds, and this appears to be one of them.

For humanity to sacrifice the lives of birds for the Get-Out-Of-My-Way Syndrome is unfair, inconsiderate, and a course of action replete with an error that needs to be corrected.

Laura Vernon


Duped fools

To the editor:

Another vituperative polemic: The rhetorical excess of our political (electoral) miasma now confronts the grim, fiscal realities of 2009 America. Obama concedes to the idea that his "rally rhetoric" is a bad fit with the Bush debacle/deficit and the systemic recession/depression he left behind.

California's Air Resources Board has mapped out enormous mandates for California vehicles and their owners costing our cashless millions of residents tens of billions. All smog rules to date are less effective overall than mandatory engine tuneups and maintenance.

We are duped fools, victims of an easy reliance on specious science and special interests. It continues unabated with lousy auditing of government and industry with failed banks and financial bailouts further crippling recovery prospects.

Crush ARB, crush overspending and its tendency towards self preservation, eviscerate and streamline bloated bureaucracy, worry more about water and soil than air only. Right now, governments everywhere are misdirected from environmental problems by "global warming" and CO2 - as is, apparently, our new leader.

Misdirected mandates restrict economic growth - please, Obama, do your homework.

Dave Maloney


Too much sense

To the editor:

I would like to comment on the Jan. 28 letters of William Bergmann, Robert Hertz and Ed Ellefsen.

First, Mr. Bergmann, you failed to mention the fact that Ronald Reagan, almost singlehandedly, killed unions and ended health care in this country. Before he came along the thought of having an annual physical was a foregone conclusion that was taken for granted.

Mr. Hertz and Mr. Ellefsen, you kill me!!!! Your letters are laced with far too much common sense. No political leader, at any level, would ever consider such practicality.

Sam Elkins