Union Democrat staff

Our only chance

To the editor:

Fire season is apparently here already, since I notice the U.S. Forest Service plans to start setting so-called controlled burns. These in the past have caused tremendous damage, burning Los Alamos, N.M. and our nuclear facility there years ago, among other places.

If we used the Supertankers in force this year, we could reduce the Forest Service and CalFire costs by at least 90 percent, end runaway wildfires in our state and save scores of lives and thousands of homes every year.

But of course the big-bucks top fire officials and their sweetheart sub-contractors would lose their money. But they can't have anything as disastrous as that happen, so I guess we're in for another year of the top fire officials keeping the home fires burning for us (so to speak).

I notice the USFS and CalFire have again turned down the Boeing 747 Supertanker aircraft (24,000 gallon capacity), so we apparently can look forward to another year of wall-to-wall wildfires while the 747 sits idle on a runway in another state.

The top big-bucks fire officials and politicians have gotten away with obstructing the Supertanker solution for over 14 years, during which an estimated over 50,000 homes have been destroyed and people and animals have been killed and injured. We shouldn't allow them to get away with it for another year.

Call every politician there is and demand the Boeing-747 Supertanker be contracted by CalFire now. Fire season is always with us and the 747 and other Supertankers are our only chance.

Ed Nemechek

Landers, San Bernardino County

Lunatic fixation

To the editor:

The whole reason we are in the economic perilous straits we are in right now is the lunatic Republican fixation on tax cuts, which all competent economists agree are the worst way to boost the economy. People need real jobs with real wages, and until they get them they will not have any taxes to cut. And until people have jobs, and are making money again, the economy does not have a prayer.

President Obama tried in a bipartisan way to build $100 billion worth of tax cuts into the package for the Republicans. And the Republicans in the House just spit in his face. All of the tax cuts need to come out, and be put into infrastructure-building jobs instead. And then we'll have a bill that actually works for America.

Carol Keltner