Union Democrat staff

No fees

To the editor:

New Melones fees: I had always heard that part of the agreement to build Melones Reservoir was that Tuolumne County residents would never have to pay fees to use it! Would you check on this please!

Craig Atkins


Completely absurd

To the editor:

In regards to Alisha Wyman's article on January 26th "Shooting suspect acquitted," it was stated within the article that "The Sheriff's Office failed to test for gunshot residue against the recommendation of its lead investigator on the case. They also drew no physical evidence from burned clothing, the gun or other evidence related to the case."

I find this completely absurd. In an attempted murder case, why would the Sheriff's Office fail to test this evidence? Someone is not doing their job, and this is putting innocent civilians at risk for potential murderers.

The Tuolumne County sheriff's deputies needs to prove that they are here to serve and protect the people, because if they continue to fail to put attempted murderers behind bars then this county will soon be a hot spot for gang activity and increased violence. I for one will not stand for this. Will you?

Jake Billens

Twain Harte

Trust the children

To the editor:

When are we going to believe the children? At a recent Summerville High School athletic event, one of the athletes was accused of "flipping off" a teacher and was subsequently suspended for five days.

The young man vehemently denied the disrespectful gesture. Several team members as well as others in the area agreed no gesture had been made. The young man's parents went to the school to talk with administration, but to no avail. The parents as well as the student were not given the name of his accuser so that he may confront him/her regarding what had or had not occurred.

This student, a junior, has never had a major problem or suspension at school, but because an adult told the teacher he had been "flipped off" (the teacher did not see it) the young man was suspended.

We all expect our young people to trust and respect authority, but when they speak we don't always listen. Do we consider the voice of one adult more powerful than the combined voices of several young people?

When will we trust the children?

Patt Koral

Twain Harte