Union Democrat staff

Check's in the mail

To the editor:

A letter arrives from a retailer you have purchased from before, know and trust. Inside is a perfectly legitimate check for $5 made out to you. If you cash or deposit the check, you will have just authorized your "trusted" retailer to transfer your credit card information to an unaffiliated third-party entity, who is going to bill your credit card account $139.99 after 30-days (unless you call to cancel within that period) and will bill your account $149.99 the second and each subsequent year for a "membership." It's all spelled out in the fine print.

These "memberships" and amounts for same vary (examples: ID Secure membership $139.99/$149.99; Complete Home membership $129.99/$139.99). All checks are imprinted "Payable at JP Morgan Chase, N.A., Syracuse, NY."

Regardless of your trusted retailer's address, the checks are all mailed from Zip Code 06101. Deceptive advertising? Not really. Illegal? No. Sneaky Pete? You betcha.

I didn't bite but others might. Beware.

Dave Bremer


The Golden Rule

To the editor:

I attend the Church of Christ in Sonora. You know, the one on Tuolumne Road with the fire truck parked near the entrance. You may have also noticed that the fire truck has not moved in a while. Seems that some people feel they need to remove gas and parts from it.

Now, if you need gas or parts for your own fire truck, come talk with us. We are friendly people, and we may be able to help you. If you come to talk with us on the second Sunday of the month, we'll even invite you to stay after church for a potluck lunch.

When God said "Thou shalt not steal," it includes gas, parts and banners. God always loves you. He just doesn't like the things you are doing.

Remember the golden rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Thanks for listening and for respecting the property of others.

Don Burns


Illegal occupation

To the editor:

"To place the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish People. To facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions, and to encourage, in cooperation with the Jewish Agency, close settlement by Jews on the Land." "To safeguard the civil and religious rights of all inhabitants of Palestine irrespective of race and religion, and, whilst facilitating Jewish immigration and settlement, to ensure that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced." (From Article 2 and 6 of the Palestine Mandate).

Nowhere in documents was there the notion of establishing a Jewish "State" - a self-declaration made by Israel in 1948 "to safeguard the civil and religious rights of all inhabitants of Palestine..."

History demonstrates to us that has not happened. Former Jewish terrorists of the Hagana, Irgun, and Lehi, such as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, became future leaders of Israel. Israel illegally occupies parts of Palestine and has been condemned for decades by the world under U.N. resolutions for its conduct. (The United States, Israel and several minor islands in the Pacific vote contrarian).

Hamas (like Hezbollah in Lebanon) is a reaction to illegal occupation or invasion and dastardly treatment of the indigenous populations by Israel, backed by U.S. foreign policy and taxpayer money. From the slaughter of Deir Yassin (1948) to the latest one in Gaza, there can be no hope for peace until the United States and Israel reverse their rejectionist policies towards those whom they oppress.

Without justice, there will be no peace....only what the United States and Israel call "The Peace Process."

Bert Canepa