Union Democrat staff

Unworthy of response

To the editor:

Regarding the Groveland recall: I am one of the trustees "whose fate will be in the hands of voters." "After weeks of nonproductive sound and fury," you say, "it is time to let the voters speak."

I would like to make it clear that I, personally, have not indulged in "weeks of nonproductive sound and fury." I have chosen to ignore what cannot be reasoned with, for the accusations in general are built of what my sainted grandmother would call "whole cloth." I deemed them unworthy of response.

The saddest part about all this foolishness is its possible effect on the students, who were hauled into the mess - how much classroom and study time was lost, how many ideals were shattered, and to what purpose?

Mary E. Kelly


Unanswered question

To the editor:

Equal rights for all? My condolences to the Nesler family. Ellie is free now. She does not have to worry about her son anymore. It's OK.

Its our responsibility to get the truth out. I've done the best I could do with the law books the Nesler family gave me. I ran into a retired West Sacramento police officer who was in the same situation as I, with the tape recorder. We went to the Eastern District Court and the District Court in San Francisco.

As of yet, no one wants to answer the question! They'll let you into a public building with a wheelchair, so what's wrong with someone with dyslexia using a tape recorder?

I only wished I'd met Ellie prior to what she did. Then I would have offered her a tape recorder, and offered one to the judge and one to the D.A. and the court stenographer. Then perhaps this tragedy wouldn't have happened.

Andrew Roy Morris

West Point

(Andrew Morris is dyslexic and says he has been denied permission to carry a tape recorder into several courtrooms)

Age, not wisdom

To the editor:

Age doesn't necessarily create wisdom. A few days ago, while sitting in a local sandwich shop enjoying the food and a newspaper, my ears were assaulted by an adjacent, overly-audible conversation.

One man, perhaps in his late sixties, entered and was greeted by a friend who asked why he wasn't working. The man "cutely" replied, "I guess it's N--r's Day," and they wanted to give me some time off. He had a smarmy smile on his face as though he'd made a clever joke.

I would like you to know, sir, that you didn't say anything commensurate with your age, or experience. It wasn't clever, and it wasn't intelligent. You should go into a corner somewhere and, with your dunce cap on, think about your racist remark.

Having grown up with people of all races and colors, I know we all have people to look up to and others to be embarrassed for. People like you fall into the latter group. Mr. King is being honored because he was a true leader, who edified his race and tried to put his arms around all people, including you.

What have you done to edify anybody? Yes, both of us were alive and old enough to hear and understand his messages in person. Don't die with such crude, ignorant hate in your heart. Please.

Doug Parrish


Civil rights

To the editor:

The responses to my letter of Dec. 31 don't surprise me, though I must say that they are disappointing. Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with religion. It is about civil rights and nothing more. It is clear that you can't comprehend this. No one is advocating that any religion change its marriage requirements. Marriage between two same-sex people is not infringing on traditional marriage. All same-sex people are asking for are the same legal rights as you have in your traditional marriage. You need to ask God's forgiveness for your way of thinking otherwise.

Your arguments against same-sex marriage based on interpretations of the Bible are irrelevant. You cite the "written word" as total fact. However, the gospels were written long after Jesus' death and aren't eyewitness accounts of his life. They were written in Greek and have been translated many times. Scholars disagree over their precise meaning. You need to open your minds and take this into consideration.

This will be my only response because I am far too busy and I am not about to tit-for-tat with you. It is quite clear that you do not realize or get it that in the United States of America, we have separation of church and state.

Norman Reed


Voting records

To the editor:

Do these two elected officials represent the needs of you and your family?

Congressman Radanovich's voting record: Labor/job - average score is about 10 percent favorable, and then it gets worse. Disabled American veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans, health care (children), family physicians, nurses, seniors, etc. - years of failing ratings mostly (source: Project Vote Smart).

In Radanovich's latest mail piece he fears that taxes may be raised, crowding out the "private sector" (like Halliburton?) and creating many "big government programs" (such as oversight of our bailout money?) It appears he wants to balance the budget on the backs of working people and the environment.

Let's look at Dave "The Obstructionist" Cogdill. This man is the epitome of the Peter Principle. Cogdill is a tool for Grover Norquist, who has trouble with ethnicity and taxes on rich people. Norquist is the one who gave us the Bush tax cuts.

Now look at the Cogdill "no tax plan" and our state's $42 billion debt. Had we settled this issue a year ago, we would not be in this mess. But thanks to Cogdill, we stand here sinking deeper into debt.

Senator Cogdill repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on issues. These Vote Smart citizens are a bipartisan group like Sen. McCain and Geraldine Ferraro. It is not a witch hunt, but Cogdill's record is so bad, even he must be ashamed of it.

These two are part of the problem, not the solution. Do some homework, go to sources like Project Vote Smart and look at their deplorable voting records, look at the various groups who have rated these two.

Dominic Torchia


Try to collect

To the editor:

Tonight I heard some experts say that China has lent the United States some money. Big deal!

We here in America taught the Chinese everything they know except how to plant rice.

If I were president, I'd say forget China or Taiwan or Mexico and all the people who lent us money to live on. Try to collect it, OK?

I'd say: "Try to collect." Go to hell with your money, I'd say. I'd say we are declaring bankruptcy.

Larry Johnson