Union Democrat staff

Lingering questions

To the editor:

The U.S. taxpayers have been informed that the two G.W. Bush administrations have spent $700 million to build the Baghdad Embassy, "a fortress compound in the heart of the Green Zone on a 104-acre site, 10 times the size of any other U.S. Embassy."

As a parting gesture, wouldn't it be nice if Bush, Cheney and Rice would ask their favored Fox TV network to take them on a stroll through the structure and its surrounding grounds to explain to the taxpayers why the embassy was built on such a grand scale and to provide this information:

The names of the general contractor and its sub contractors, the amount each was paid and if they were hired on no-bid contracts, or otherwise. Why the embassy requires 1,000 employees, their functions and the annual cost of their employment. Does the $700 million include the cost of the acreage? And, if not, what was the cost of that real estate? How often has Bush, Cheney or Rice visited or inspected the premises? And have construction and landscaping been completed?

Ray Mellana


Information source

To the editor:

I am a sophomore at Tioga High. I would like to make a point.

Quoted from the Los Angeles Times article, "Tioga High students push to recall school board," "Claudia Keith, the Cal State system's assistant vice chancellor for public affairs, said the university never made a finding of plagiarism against (Ryan) Dutton. She said it was unclear how the allegation - or Dutton's homework - reached his employer."

But school board member Charles Day said the board believes the information it received in private and has no intention of reversing its decision.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this? A system-wide public affairs director clears Mr. Dutton of any charges that were brought by the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School Board and superintendent. Then our school board member, Chuck Day says trustees received this information in "private," and the university says it would like to know where they got it.

The board and superintendent are still not telling where they got their information. Do they realize they are doing things very illegally and are completely responsible? I would hate to be them when they have to go into a court of law. I'm guessing there is going to be a lot of pointing fingers at each other. I doubt the board and superintendent will still be "one". Please tell me, board members, when are you going to start dotting the i's? When are you going to put two and two together?

Danny Martin