Chris Bateman, The Union Democrat

God's holy word

To the editor:

Re: Bible and Marriage (Norman Reed letter, Dec. 31): It seems that the believers are the ones being "pounded" with the holy word of God by those who don't want to live by it. And those who point fingers at who they think are "bigots" - just look at how many fingers are pointing back at you.

It seems that the ones who don't want to live by the Bible (God's holy word) are the ones being stubborn and intolerant of the beliefs of Christians. Those supporting same-sex marriages don't want to hear that it is wrong; they just want everyone to tolerate what they believe, and if we don't then they want to silence us.

Yes, the Bible does give examples of everyday life of all different kinds of people - and it also lets us know that when we mess up (going against what God wants for us) that we can repent (stop doing wrong and do right) and ask for forgiveness. God will lovingly take us in his arms and forgive us, and he is longing to do this. Jesus does talk about marriage in Luke 17:26-30. At the time of Noah and of Lot - when the world was full of wickedness (homosexuality was rampant) - Jesus said that just before he comes back our world will be like this too. So the more you flaunt homosexuality, the closer it is to Jesus' return. Are you ready?

Penny Johnson


Political foolishness

To the editor:

Wait just one minute. Isn't the political foolishness in Chicago enough?

Now we have a rookie of one week calling the vice chair of the Calaveras County Board of Supes telling him it "wasn't the right time for him to move up to head chair."

Why, because he isn't an elegant speaker, and maybe won't maintain the decorum like the present chair?

Or because he chooses to wear nonwestern wear when in session and give the impression he is studying the issues during the proceedings?

Does the rookie know how many supes from the Valley Springs area have been recalled over the last 30 years? Haven't heard any such chatter lately about Russ.

Does Tom Tryon's district have the right to be the chair more than 30 percent of the time? Do the other four districts care if Tom spends planning commission and supes time bickering over a historic sign in Murphys?

When is the right time, when Cosgrove Creek and the red-legged frog issue, and the septic system issue are put to rest in favor of people on septics, and the Planning Department works its way through some 300 development issues, mostly near Valley Springs?

Or only when all the issues in District 4 have been resolved? Wow! One sign. Maybe Merita is pretty and smiles more, but that doesn't make such decisions a way to run a county, either.

Al Duncan

Valley Springs

Home game wanted

To the letter:

I want to commend reporter Lacey Peterson for all the work she has done in regards to the Big Oak Flat- Groveland Unified School District. I know it hasn't been easy, since there are just so many sides and angles of the story.

I would also like to publicly thank Travis Kirk for the very fair and impartial way he has approached the projects and overseen the progress made at all three district schools. He has done an outstanding job.

I would, however, like to comment on the "ethical problem" of allowing changes to our Don Pedro facility. In my mind, the real ethical problem exists when you have a group of people perfectly happy to allow all the bells and whistles for one group of kids while trying to deny another group of kids the chance to sit and have their parents sit at their basketball games.

Some folks really need to be ashamed of themselves. Now if we could only get our facility finished, since our kids are still out in practicing in the cold. Our seniors deserve at least one "home" game this season.

Francine Lettmann

La Grange

Imported jobs

To the Editor:

I think you can't keep shipping jobs out of the United States and still promote economic stability. Those products coming in from the cheap labor areas of the globe may be cheap in the beginning of the economic cycle, but later on down the road, they become very expensive.

One only has to look at our overall situation here in the United States. The costs are already mounting in law enforcement because people without jobs have to live, one way or another!

Larry P. Johnson