Chris Bateman, The Union Democrat

Lower rates needed

To the Editor:

So far, the average taxpayer has not seen any benefits from the massive government bailout of the financial institutions, large insurance companies, Big Three auto companies, etc.

As a return on their money, it would only be fair for them to have a lower interest rate on their home mortgage in the range of 4 percent for a fixed 30-year rate. That lower rate would:

• Make lower monthly payments for home owners.

• Enable more people to purchase homes.

• Help to dry up the inventory of homes for sale and encourage builders to start construction of new homes.

• Encourage investors to buy homes and rent them and possibly lower rental rates.

The above suggestion would affect many people and help to stimulate our economy.

Claude Giles


No drain on state

To the editor:

I'm writing in response to the editorial regarding public safety retirement (Jan. 5). I think people should look into the reasons why public safety employees are given the 3 percent at 50 retirement before they decide to take it away.

Being a firefighter, I can tell you that the majority of firefighters would never retire if given the choice. Because of the nature of the job, a lot of health issues develop that plague older firefighters. Retirement becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. Most firefighters do not work for the state, and our retirement is not paid for by the state. So how are we a drain on the state?

Warren Gray


'Facts' addressed

To the editor:

I am a student body representative for Don Pedro High School, as well as president of Students Standing Together Against the Recall (SSTAR). I would like to address the "facts" that have been stated in recent articles in various forms of media.

Students from the Students for a Better School District have complained that at recent board meetings - specifically, the meeting held Nov. 12 in Don Pedro - students from the Groveland area were cut off before finishing their opinions and students from the Don Pedro area were not. However, I myself spoke at this board meeting and listened diligently to all the other public opinions. No students were cut off during this time of public speaking, including those from Tioga.

Many have also alleged that Don Pedro residents and students spoke for longer than the "three minute time limit." I would like to point out to the public that every agenda clearly states that the board "reserves the right" to limit time of presentations and opinions. Please recognize that this does not mean they must enforce the limit. Simply, it means that they may limit.

It also states that board members will listen carefully. I urge the speakers who attack our board for not responding to their comments, not answering their questions, and not limiting time of public presentations, to read the informational items section of the agenda very carefully

Peggysue Johnson

La Grange

The right thing

To the Editor:

To the man that perpetrated the horrible crime on Outlaw Tanning on Dec. 19 between 5 and 5:30 p.m.: You are a danger to the entire county - you will be caught and prosecuted for this crime. Be a man and turn yourself in, or spend your days looking over your shoulder.

Can you imagine this happening to your mom, sister or wife? We are horrified at this totally unnecessary crime on our loved one. You know what you did and so does God. Your conscience will get to you. One day. Do the right thing.

Cindy Pitti