Chris Bateman, The Union Democrat

Economic fiasco

To the Editor:

I'm all for free trade and global economics providing there is a level playing field.

I'm saying those world-wide economies should have minimum wage laws, the right to join a labor union, a 40-hour work week, child labor laws, safety oversight and perks like shared medical coverage and pension plans.

If that isn't the case in the global economy and parcel to free trade, who would advocate the pursuit of free trade and a global economy that would tear down America's standard of living as we know it today?

I imagine there are those who would advocate such a ruse on the American worker, but then isn't that the very thing that has been propagated on the American workforce that has caused the economic fiasco and unemployment lines that we are seeing today?

Merry New Year!

Larry P. Johnson


D.I.Y. Bible

To the Editor:

Re: "Bible and marriage" (Norman Reed letter, Dec 31):

I have read the article in Newsweek which you recommended and have found it to be particularly inaccurate. It failed to offend me. The article proves the ignorance of the world to what scripture means. I write this letter not because I am offended, but because I wish to point out the article's ignorance in regards to what you mentioned:

1) While the Bible does mention polygamy in the case of those who did it, it does not endorse the practice. In fact, King Solomon found no benefit to it. His pursuit of pleasure was meaningless (Ecclesiastes 2:1-3). Also, the article mentions Genesis 2:24, which Jesus mentions, but it fails to notice that the word is "wife", singular, versus "wives", plural. This verse doesn't support polygamy.

2) The Bible does in fact mention lesbianism (Romans 1:26).

3) The relationship between David and Jonathan was one of extreme friendship and loyalty, and of selfless love. It is not one of homosexuality, as the article implies.

4) If Paul the apostle didn't like women, why did he mention women of faith, such as Persis, Priscilla and others, in Romans 16?

5) Paul's view on marriage boils down to this: Marriage is right and good, but an unmarried man can concentrate on serving the Lord rather than on how to care for a family. That is why Paul was not married. (1 Corinthians 7:32-35).

6) Jesus' job wasn't to get married, but to make a way for man to be saved.

7) Newsweek must have a new Bible called the "New American D.I.Y. Bible."

Jordan Anderson


Enough is enough

To the editor:

Some of the media acts as if Hamas is a peace organization. They should ask Hamas if it wants peace with Israel! Hamas won't even say Israel's name. To Hamas, Israel doesn't exist. Hamas doesn't want peace - it wants to destroy Israel.

For eight years, Iran-backed Hamas fired rockets into Israel. Three thousand rockets in 2008 alone. After eight years of shelling almost every day and every night, Israel finally said enough is enough.

What kind of terrorist government uses people as human shields? What kind of Iran-backed Hamas government forces families to house rockets in their homes? What kind of government would allow its people to go hungry so that it can build rockets to attack its neighbors?

Judy Miller


Lord help us

To the Editor:

I applaud Mr. James Hoback for his Dec. 18 letter regarding the security guard at Sonora Social Security office. I had a similar and intimidating experience when I visited that office not long ago.

I have it from a very reliable source that the average cost to us taxpayers for each Social Security "Rent-a-cop" is closer to $ 100,000 per year - do the math! If the position was really justified (which it is not at almost all local Social Security offices nationwide), local police departments could do the job for less with better trained people. No wonder we have little faith in our elected federal officials to spend the taxpayer money wisely! These are the same guys that we are about to give one trillion dollars to spend as they see fit to bail us out of a problem they created by their lack of oversight and greed. Lord help us!

Daniel W. Strader