Chris Bateman, The Union Democrat

Compassion asked

To the editor:

Happy New Year! This year, being a woman recovering from a stroke, I hope that our new president adds a compassionate touch of allowing more physical therapy. Seventeen appointments in one year just isn't enough. Being mostly a stay-at-home wife and mother, I don't have the insurance coverage like some.

I'm not complaining about the wonderful things that God has allowed for me. We all should hope that everyone gets fair insurance coverage. I would like to gradually get back into the workforce, and I know God can do anything he wants. God has made me very humble to all needs, not just mine. I see a lot of people suffering from lack of care. It's sad.

I pray for peace amongst all people, wars are very hurtful for everyone! God bless you all, and our United States of America.

Lena Shirley


Quiz questions

To the editor:

Here is a quiz for everyone. See how many good, compassionate answers you can come up with.

• Given that Israel is occupying Palestinian land, why doesn't it withdraw rather than expanding settlements there? Why doesn't Israel treat the Palestinian civilians with some compassion?

• Why are we giving Israel foreign aid, and selling it weapons - including cluster bombs, which primarily kill innocent civilians? Why won't either the United States or Israel sign a treaty to ban cluster bombs, as most other countries have? Many of Israel's citizens, also, are demonstrating against their government's policies.

• Why won't the United States use a little compassion rather than torturing prisoners? It has been found to be more effective at getting true intelligence anyhow!

• If we must fight the Taliban and al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan, why don't we go after them on the ground instead of dropping bombs and shooting missiles at them, which mostly kill innocent civilians? Couldn't we use the highly over-paid private contractors for the dangerous jobs, rather then risk our soldiers and National Guard?

• Is it necessary to wage war on other countries for the benefit of our large corporations, such as the oil companies? Won't those countries sell us oil to satisfy our huge appetite without our oil companies controlling their oil?

• When most of the world has adopted the international system of weights and measures, why do we persist with using the old English system? Even England has changed to metric.

• Why are we told to change our clocks twice a year?

I would sure like to hear some good answers to these questions!

Jerry Fueslein


Broken and shattered

To the editor:

The public is not being told the truth about prisons. No one wants dangerous people released. We are supporting more than 20,000 illegal aliens. We have several thousand third-strikers who are not third strikers.

Where in the California constitution does it say prosecutors can lie in court, but the rest of us go to jail for it? They have the abuse of power to change the name of a petty crime to a felony. That is a lie. They can accuse without proof and sentence people to prison for life. No proof, just an accusation will do.

Example: A man stole a battery worth $2.69. A DA changed it to a felony with a sentence of 25 to life. Thousands just like this. And Schwarzenegger condones this and wonders why California is broken and shattered. It's all about money. Deport the illegal aliens. Make DAs swear to tell the truth, too.

Mickey Armstrong

Twain Harte

Generosity appreciated

To the editor:

Generosity is the total name for the donors and volunteers of the toy distribution at HRC Santa's Express. All that happened could not have been accomplished without their extraordinary efforts. We had more toy donations than in past years, demonstrating how generous Calaveras County is in time of need. Words cannot express my deep appreciation. Your efforts served 1,050 children, over 100 more than in 2007.

Thank-yous are too numerous to mention, but you volunteers know how much I appreciate you.

Durlynn Garten, toy coordinator

HRC Santa's Express

San Andreas