Chris Bateman, The Union Democrat

Get over it

To the editor:

I would like to clear up some of the misconstrued thoughts of so many people. Jesus Christ died for my sins, your sins and every other human being on this earth. Let's face it, Proposition 8 passed, period.

Get over fighting it. All these angry letters to the editor won't change that. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination.

What you should be worried about is that Jesus is coming soon, and if I'm wrong, I've got nothing to lose. But if you're wrong - oh boy.

Sarah Stearns

Twain Harte

Let God judge

To the editor:

Ellie Nesler fought the long hard fight and she fought the good fight. Only God can judge her now.

Jesse Jones


Couldn't agree more

To the Editor:

After reading The Union Democrat editorial re: CalPERS Pension system, I find I couldn't agree more. I know no one likes change, but we can't sustain retirements of this type any longer.

The private sector, which funds CalPERS through taxation, no longer has pensions, just 401ks or savings accounts. Everyone should realize that if wages and benefits keep going down in the private sector, eventually the people can't pay those taxes to support the public pension system. Private sector requirement has moved to 62 or older, to compensate for pension and 401k loss.

CalPers can change the 3 percent 50 rule to 3 percent 60; add medical premiums to offset a portion of the cost. I'm on fixed income and can't sustain continued tax increases without raises in my income, which has gone down.

It's a tough problem but can be fixed with a little work and compromise from both sides. Fire, police, teachers, public employees all deserve some sort of retirement, just not better than the private sector. Someday we'll realize we're all in this together, and a cut to one affects the other. Public pensions may have to go to 401ks also even though no one will like it. A smaller tax base means pay cuts to the public employees from top to bottom or layoffs. Why should public employees be able to retire at 50 when the taxpayers funding their pension can't retire until 62 or 65, or not at all?

Dennis Del Corno


Perfect opportunity

To the editor:

I was shocked when returning from Dodge Ridge on New Year's Day to see at least 100 cars lining the sides of Highway 108 near Little Sweden. They were parked, some directly, underneath signs that very clearly stated "No Parking."

Children were dodging in and out, drivers making illegal U-turns and others just stopping in a lane with a speed limit of 55 mph! One car had a full-size barbecue and card table set up! Where is law enforcement? I didn't see one CHP officer or sheriff.

People! This is a perfect opportunity for some revenue generation for the county. We hear all about the cutbacks, staff shortages, no money for road repairs, etc. Why aren't the local CHP or sheriffs out there issuing $100 tickets to these people? These people are breaking the law.

I don't have a problem with families coming up to enjoy the snow, fresh air and mountains, but what some of these people leave behind is atrocious! Trash, dirty diapers, broken saucers and sleds. And since there are no bathroom facilities, where are all these people relieving themselves?

The county should think about the liability it is creating.

Somebody is going to get hurt and the county will be sued for not protecting these idiots from themselves. Then the Modesto Bee runs a full article touting this area of Highway 108 as this wonderful place to enjoy the snow.

You can't tell me all these people can't read signs!

Claudia Day