Jenn House, The Union Democrat

Good Samaritan

To the editor:

In a time when things are tough and possibly desperate for so many people, my faith in truth and kindness is restored. Our eldest son recently moved back to Sonora from Pinole, and while out doing errands Monday with his cousin lost his wallet full of cash. He did not have updated information and his address still was Pinole. He also had his Social Security card, ID, his rent money, etc.

After much panic and appointments to protect his identity most of the day, the phone rang. A good Samaritan named Jason Flowers called and had tracked down our son to a local phone number by his own investigation. Not only did this wonderful person find and return the wallet with all the property, but delivered it to us. I am proud that Tuolumne County has honest and good people, a community that is close and does the right thing. Mr. Flowers is a great role model for his children and others and on that day was a hero.Thank you from my heart.

Penny Raines


Valuable service

To the editor:

The article "BOFG district recall pamphlets - fact or fiction?" (Dec. 19) was a good piece of investigative reporting. Investigative reporting is pretty rare these days, considering the additional resources (AKA money) needed by the paper, to achieve the end result. My compliments to you and the reporter!

Thank you from Groveland. We seem to have a problem in the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District area, and you have done a valuable service!

Al Brizard


Matter of time

To the editor:

We live on Bottini Apple Ranch Road in Sierra Village. This is a county maintained road. The only cross street is Highway 108. It is a one-lane dirt road which accumulates a lot of snow during the winter.

This is the only access road to our house and that of our neighbors. During the winter, sledders have chosen to make this road their playground.

Every snowy weekend for years, our road has been taken over by sledders. After a good snow, there can be as many as 50 people, mostly children, sledding down the middle of the road. These people do not understand that they could easily get run over by a vehicle on this narrow, slippery road.

We honk the horn to no avail. We have waited up to 45 minutes for the road to clear so we can go home. While driving up the road, we have encountered sledders heading directly towards us, and one stopped within 10 feet of our tires. Once we stop in the snow, we must retreat to regain momentum to get up the hill.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Department and CHP know our road by name, but all they can do is write tickets. Each weekend, it's a new set of sledders. Tickets are not a deterrent. We have contacted Caltrans and Public Works about posting "No Sledding" and "No Parking" signs, but have not received a response.

It is only a matter of time before someone, probably a small child, is killed on this road. We fear this will have to happen before anyone will take notice and put an end to this dangerous activity.

Gary & Koni Bicknell

Sierra Village

Cry for help

To the editor

I am a junior at Tioga High and I want to say I am thankful for all the hard work that the students and community have put into getting the recall signatures. By getting the recall signatures, we have hope for a better future. For those of you that have chosen not to help with the recall, could you ask yourself, "Why would so many students cry out for help?" Obviously we are teenagers and we have many more things that are going on in our lives. I would much rather be hanging out with my friends, focused on my athletics or worried about typical teenage stuff. But instead, I am focused on my educational experience because of the disruption that continues to occur by our school board and superintendent.

We have asked our school board as students for help and information and they have done nothing. The school board will not respond when we ask them questions (and not just because it's personnel). I cannot wait to have a school board that values the students and what they are going through.

I have never seen a school board member come and meet with the students and ask them, "What could make your educational experience better?" Or better yet, why haven't we seen any of them at any sports or academic events?

Thanks to all of you who worked many countless hours and obtaining all the signatures.

Jaime Prieto


Blogo's failings

To the editor:

No, I'm not saying the Illinois governor is a saint. But I would point out that I'd rather have a foul-mouthed figurehead advocating a set of Democratic philosophies which protect the workers and the common citizens than a clean-cut God fearing Republican who represents robbing common citizens on behalf of powerful corporate sponsors.

Blogo's failings are most definitely not the failings of his party. The people of Illinois are smart enough to avoid being fooled by Republican zealots who think they have a legitimate case for their party's return to power in Barack's home state.

Bob Wetzel