Jenn House, The Union Democrat

On tolerance

To the editor:

In response to Jake Jacobsen's letter ("A little tolerance," Dec.

29) in response to mine. In my letter, my last line was, "To those of

faith: I respect your beliefs. Please respect our lack thereof." I am

not a Jehovah's Witness as Mr. Jacobsen assumes, and I do not go to


I am completely religiously neutral, not confirming nor denying the

existence of a higher power(s). Though I have found the witnesses to

take the roots of Christianity far more seriously than any other

branch. They don't celebrate holidays because they know their pagan

origins, and don't vote because they believe man cannot govern himself.

You seem to have jumped to conclusions instead of reading it again.

If you do, you would see that what you say so bluntly to me is just

what I was suggesting - Christians need to be more tolerant of


Also, as a future wildlife biologist, I would also like to ask

everyone to become more aware about the effect your actions have on the

environment, and maybe support a wildlife conservation group. I myself

am a proud Defenders of Wildlife supporter.

Michael Herman


Attend a meeting

To the editor:

In Lacey Peterson's article (Dec. 19) about the school board recall

drive in Groveland, the president of the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School

District, Lillian Cravens, called the advocates of the recall - who

include the majority of teachers and staff in the district, almost all

of the students attending Tioga High School and their parents -


If the school board has this low of an opinion of many of its

teachers, staff members, students, parents, and administrators, can it

be effective? When the superintendent comes to a rural school board

meeting accompanied by two off-duty sheriff's deputies, can she be an


Attend the next school board meeting and see for yourselves how the board's constituents are treated.

Would you want a school board treating your district's teachers, students, parents, and administrators this way?

Robert D. Wilson

Valenzuela City


(Robert Wilson is a retired district school teacher and the father of three children attending district schools).

Antichrist nature

To the editor:

How can Rick Warren a professed man of Jesus bless a documented pro-abortionist?

In his book, "A Purpose Driven Life," he professes pro-life

sentiment as Jesus certainly would, but now he is willing to bless our

next pro-abortion President. It shows the antichrist nature of the

so-called church has reached fulfillment. Please Mr. Warren, quit

writing books you do not believe in. If unborn children are not worthy

of life, then why do I have two premature grandchildren who are now and were, pre-birth, made in the image

of God?

Hitler decided certain groups were unworthy of life. Should we too subscribe to this purpose?

Alan and Kathy Rubinstein


Signing fees

To the editor:

I see one of the many new laws passed this year establishes a fee

for an officer to sign off a fix-it ticket. How about if we are charged

a fee when we sign the ticket in the first place?

Gary Mier