Bill Rozak

Shoe assaults

To the editor:

From the Associated Shoe Lovers: The Iraqi shoe assault on President Bush will not go

unnoticed. Under Iraqi law, the terrorists will be banned from wearing, purchasing, or being in the area of shoes of any type . Especially, but not limited to sandals. He can purchase socks as long as he observes the 30 day waiting period and takes the standardized safety test that requires a certain amount of competency and knowledge in the proper operation of socks.

As most citizens know, Iraq's strict shoe laws require a special license at a cost of 500 dinars, which can only be afforded by the wealthy. Which explains why so many Iraqis are barefooted or only clad in socks. Shoe assaults have been on the rise in Iraq and in surrounding Islamic countries. It is feared that a full blown outbreak of shoe attacks will implode the Middle East into a full-scale mass shoe attack, throwing the Government into barefooted chaos.

On a serious note, the U.S. Secret Service has requested that all staff members and visitors check their shoes at the door before entering the White House.

A shoe freedom advocate,

Pat Luepke


Motocross opportunities

To the Editor:

Motocross is a fun sport for many of us in Tuolumne County. I think we should have more opportunities to ride dirt bikes. We have a spot to ride near La Grange, but that is about an hour away. Plus, it is all rocky and it could make you crash.

Weston Andal

Boy Scout Troop 570


Unloving, unjust

To the Editor:

I am writing this on Christmas Eve to speak out for those who have been slighted by action of the "Anglican Church" in its schism from the Episcopal Church. I, too, was outraged and bewildered by this action. Its exclusion of women and gays from positions of importance in the church is demeaning, something from the Dark Ages!

The hurt that this action has caused has been felt by many. It is unloving and unjust; certainly not something

Christ would be proud of.

I grew up in the Red Church, the Episcopal Church, and it shall always remain my church, no matter what its current reverend and congregation have done to try and break from its tradition of inclusion and acceptance of all. To me the church gave comfort and solace, even joy, in being a member, from childhood until I left for college in 1964.

The recent breakage of the beautiful windows in the Red Church, I suspect, is in response to actions by the "Anglican Church." Please consider, whoever is defacing the church, that there are many who still love the church for the symbol it has been throughout the years. It not only belongs to its congregation, but to prior members of the church and to the historic town of Sonora.

I implore you to follow the example of Martin Luther King in his righteous and peaceful protests and know that you too, shall overcome.

At Christmas time we need to wish each other happiness and love, We need not turn toward anger and hatred. We are all God's children.

Frances Heron Bryant


Fix the fields

To the Editor:

Our county has baseball fields, however they are damaged and messed up. For instance, Pioneer Park has messed up grass and dangerous surroundings. So I think that Tuolumne County needs to fix our baseball fields.

Briar Rushford

Boy Scout Troop 570


Speed bumps needed

To the Editor:

Observations of Racetrack Road and Johnny Drive have shown that speed bumps are needed. Many drivers reach 40 to 50 mph on roads where pedestrians take walks and children wait for their school buses.

If speed bumps were added to some of these roads, it would ensure more safety to the residents, children, and animals in the area.

Westley Portelance

Boy Scout Troop 570


Voters wake up

To the editor:

The voting record of Rep. George Radanovich (R-Mariposa) shows that he does not support the middle class.

The latest example is his vote to deny help for the Big Three automakers. According to his Web site, he didn't want to throw money at the automakers, thus picking industry winners and losers. He said the Big Three's business plans, including the union contracts, were failing, and that they needed to be restructured.

The contracts help middle-class workers. Yet given his reasons for not supporting the Big Three, he voted to support the Wall Street bailout, throwing lots of money at the banking and financial industry. He voted to throw money at wealthy, tassel-loafed suit-wearers who shower before work, but he would not help middle class workers who have to shower after work.

In voting to bail out Wall Street, Mr. Radanovich did not insist on restructuring of the industry that has led our country into economic chaos. Regarding the automakers "failing business plans," they included getting Congress to defeat legislation that would improve fuel efficiency standards for autos.

Mr. Radanovich supported the car industry's plans by repeatedly voting against legislation that would have increased the standards. Apparently, the Big Three's business plans were good enough for Mr. Radanovich then, but not now. It is obvious to me that he is more interested in punishing middle class union workers who voted for Democrats than in the health of the national economy.

The votes of Mr. Radanovich show that he is no supporter of the middle class. This is ironic since many of the voters in his district are middle class. I hope that voters wake up to this fact by the next election.

Kevin Williams


Gold Rush dress

To the Editor:

I am a resident of the Columbia area and one of my favorite places is downtown. I would find it more interesting if, on the weekends, volunteers dressed as Gold Rush Era residents and lived as they would in 1850. Then tourists would be able to see what life was like, instead of getting told, "Here is where they did this." I know that if I were a tourist, I would like that a lot.

Steven Wymant

Boy Scout Troop 570