Bill Rozak

Hummer questioned

To the editor:

In this year of so many people in need, it is not to hard to drop that extra change you have in your pocket at the bell ringer's bucket. Maybe buy a new toy for the toy drive or some canned goods for the food drive, whatever it takes this holiday season. This is the lesson my mother has always taught me, and I hope I have passed it on to my children.

One of the best foundations I feel you can donate money to is the American Red Cross. So the other day near The Junction shopping center, much to my surprise, I saw an ARC vehicle.

It was a bigger surprise to my sons, who started to cuss up a storm. What put me over the edge was that here is this foundation that asks you to give money so it can help people in need driving around in a brand new HUMMER. Now I rate that up there with all those CEOs getting bailout money, then giving themselves bonuses. Maybe someone donated it to the Red Cross, but then again I have not seen anything in the paper about a raffle. It could be just an honest mistake - I will let you readers decide.

Happy Holidays. And to the driver of the Hummer, best wishes to you also.

Thomas Turner


According to the Sonora Red Cross office, the Hummer was one of several donated to the agency by General Motors and is used by several offices as a "pool vehicle."

- Editor

Admit failure

To the editor:

In response to Victor Davis Hanson's piece, "Bush admisistration is unfairly targeted" (Dec. 15):

We're really scrambling to construct a defense of the failures of the Republican vision aren't we?

To the extent that Democrats from Carter to Clinton to Obama have felt trapped into, confronted by juggernaut forces, or truly came to believe in the Republican credo of laissez faire capitalism - that libertarian Ayn Randian fantasy that strong and socially responsive and responsible government regulation of the greedy and powerful somehow only leads to the destruction of legitimate wealth creation - you are right. Those Democrats failed. They failed to stand up to fatally flawed Republican philosophies. The philosophies promoted by Nixon and Reagan, and by the Bush crime family.

Funny thing is, I don't see you defending the destruction of the constitution to allow wiretapping, torture, unregulated monopolies and the various other causes of the Republicans of the past 35 years. You only seek to share the blame with Democrats. OK, we'll give you that one.

A bunch of Democrats went along because they either felt trapped or came to believe, but it's still the Republican cause we're talking about here.

And it's over! It's failed. No matter how hard the remaining dregs of the right try to weaken the building wave of positive social change in this society, the fools who bought into Reaganomics will never be able to escape that which is inevitable - their need to admit that they were wrong. Why don't you show some all too rare leadership from the right and take the lead?

Bob Wetzel


Shock doctrine

To the editor:

Larry Johnson (letter, Dec 15) has it right! We have shipped millions of good paying jobs to other countries to lessen the (heaven forbid!) labor costs of our major corporations and enhance equity for their shareholders. The UAW is the latest union to be crushed. Some senators insist on more Draconian levies. The banks won't even lend the major auto makers any money. The cowardly treasury department doesn't dare threaten those major banks to force them to make a "bridge loan" to them from the hundreds of billions of dollars that our tax money supplies.

We are going to experience what Naomi Klein has rightly dubbed "The Shock Doctrine" to our economy: A "force-fed" brutal economic policy that we have levied on so many weaker countries over the decades, direct from the infamous Milton Friedman Chicago School of Economics and administered through the U.S.- dominated World Bank and World Trade Organization. And, when they rebelled, we called them dictatorships, repressive governments, and of course, terrorists.

Open economies to foreign business, overwhelming debt, destroyed social safety nets and crushed labor.

Great Britain did it last; America will pay the price for doing it in this era. Oops! I mean the common American people will pay, not the banks, the Congress, the billionaire elites nor the international institutions that have facilitated these economic crimes. They will all escape with their booty!

And, both major political parties in this great country are fully complicit, with very, very few exceptions. What goes around will come around. How's your 401K? Aren't you glad that some of us have fought so hard to prevent our present administration from "privatizing" Social Security?

Bert Canepa