Bill Rozak


To the editor:

I would like to call attention to a fundraiser for Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center. The Kutch family has opened its wonderful Christmas Lights exhibit to us on Friday from 5 to 10 p.m. Any donations raised on that evening will go to our wildlife group.

We will have hot drinks and cookies available. It is a walking tour to enjoy the many Christmas scenes lit by thousands of lights. Come and have fun and support the wildlife of this county! The address is 10833 Golf Links Rd., Jamestown (between Hwy 108 & Jamestown Road).

Judy Herring

President , Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Center


Blanket pardons

To the editor:

Please support HR 1531, a resolution against the Bush blanket pardons. It is the right thing to do! There is so much corruption at all levels in our government we need to eliminate if we want to survive and progress starting at the top.

It is outrageous that someone can pardon himself, and we need safeguards to eliminate this possibility for all future leaders. If elected officials know there is no escaping legal prosecution if they commit crimes, I think it will help eliminate those who do not respect the law. We could actually have a higher caliber of honest people who want to become representatives with more noble goals for the betterment of our country. In other words, no crooks need apply.

Carol Keltner


Fed up

To the Editor:

To all of you (Democrats and Republicans, etc.):

Why is Barack. Obama trying to help Hillary Clinton pay her campaign debt of $7.5 million dollars?

According to Fox News, Joe Biden asked Obama to appeal for money on Clinton's behalf. Her husband makes plenty of money, why doesn't he pay for it? Do we get help from Obama? The rich get richer?

Fed up with the White House!

Elsie Nozario


Be cautious

To the Editor:

Well, here we go again.

The caller, who can hardly pronounce your name, tells you his company has selected you, and is awarding you a $100 gas voucher for being a loyal customer.

He does not tell you who or what the company is, or much else. He will confirm your address etc. (information he already has), but just needs to know which "plastic card" you use for your gas purchases, and....he needs the expiration date on your card.

Don't do it! It doesn't take much effort to work through that to have everything necessary to empty that credit availability.

An earlier scam was one in which they say about $300.00 was charged to your account "in error" and they want to return it to you, if you will just give them your bank account number, so they can credit it to you.

The best response is to ask their home phone number and the time they have dinner, so you can call them back.

Be alert, be cautious, Merry Christmas.

James Dresbach

Cedar Ridge