Bill Rozak

No paychecks

To the Editor:

I've been around long enough to know what's goin' on. Yes, right here in America.

I don't know what's goin' on in the so-called global economy, but I do know what's goin' on in our economy. Our economy!

A long time ago a guy buy the name of Nixon - or Tricky-Dick (a corporate lawyer) later to become President of the United States (heaven forbid) - propagated the idea that multinational companies could go to Asia, Mexico and every other place of a squalid nature and standard of living and set up shop to produce products for the consumers of America at dirt-cheap wages and big profits for the big time multinational companies.

Screw the Americans who have an education, screw the unions who want a piece of the pie. Screw the garment workers in Alabama. Screw the UAW.

Guess what? Guess what? When ya take the take the jobs out of America, ya take the paychecks out of America. When there's no jobs, there's no paychecks cashed in America. So what happens? An economic crisis, that's what! Like now!

What goes around comes around. No paychecks, no money, no products being sold.

They can rip off the taxpayer, print money, bail out Wall Street, send everybody a rebate. What the politician and the treasury secretary should do is bring back our jobs, you know American jobs. From China, Mexico, Taiwan, and the world economy back to ours. Our economy!

Like it used to be before Tricky Dick took his sojourn to Asia. The corporate-lawyer who was "no crook" - he just didn't want to go to jail, so he resigned, eh, what?

Larry P. Johnson


Money well spent

To the Editor:

You asked, "should Congress make money available to the big three" (automakers). I voted no. They have been digging their graves for many years. Now, that building cars seems to be no longer their forte, they resort to blackmail.

However, the government should make lots of money available for other purposes. To attract new businesses and create new jobs in that hard-hit area, which Michael Moore so powerfully depicted in his film "Roger & Me" – that was almost 20 years ago, in 1989, for crying out loud! To revive southern Michigan, which has been ravaged for decades by the bumbling incompetents who thought they were too big to fail, it will take much more than $15 billion. But whatever it takes, it will be money well spent.

Klaus Kraemer


Questions automakers?

To the Editor:

I have a couple questions and concerns. Why do we need three big car companies? Why not one, let two go bankrupt. Have them sell all the airplanes in their fleets and also get rid of the auto company job banks.

Arlene Kelly

Twain Harte