Bill Rozak

I told you so

To the Editor:

Let me just say "I told you so."

If you have been reading The Union Democrat in recent months you have heard about the Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified School District School Board, the superintendent and, unfortunately, Ryan Dutton.

In my last letter, I made my prediction that Dutton would be cleared of all the false accusations made by the superintendent and school board.

Guess what, I was right!

Dutton has been exonerated of any charges brought by the BOFG School Board.

It still is unknown how all this so-called "information" was brought up. No person has had the audacity to step up to the plate and admit that they were wrong.

The superintendent has been served a letter from the CalState TEACH program that says Dutton is innocent, yet nothing has been done.

I don't understand why he is not back in the classroom.

The sports program is really missing Dutton; we miss him in basketball, but I don't know what we will do if he isn't there for baseball.

The superintendent has the power to fix what she made wrong. Instead, she is choosing to do nothing and dig herself, and the board, into an even bigger hole. It seems as though she doesn't care how we students are affected; she only cares how she'll look if she admits she was in the wrong.

If you haven't, please sign the petition. Help us fix what the board and superintendent are trying to destroy.

Billy Hilton


I don't see a problem

To the Editor:

Regarding the Big Oak Flat Groveland Unified School District and its possible Brown Act violations, I find it really interesting that the only people frustrated and having issues with the agenda distribution are the very people that are already looking for anything they can to find fault with and criticize.

The rest of the board meeting-going people seem to have absolutely no problem with it whatsoever. I personally have never had a problem with knowing what the agenda items would be and know that if I needed that information, it was a phone call away.

Francine Lettmann

La Grange