Bill Rozak

It's discrimination

To the Editor:

Re: Stephen Lampl's Dec. 2 letter, marriage is a word. Marriage has many definitions. One example, Merriam-Webster defines marriage as, among other things "the state of being united to a person of the same sex."

Government, once told us who we could or could not marry. Then the Supreme Court said people had rights. (Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)[1], a landmark civil rights case ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage.) Someday, we will look back at the Defense of Marriage Act in the same way.

In May, the California Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional to restrict marriage by gender. Some did not like it so they went to the ballot, again. This group does not understand, in America people are created equal and should be judged fairly and in accordance with their Constitutional rights.

Proposition 8 narrowly passed. The pro-gay marriage supporters went to court before that election. A judge told them they had no case because nothing was yet decided, and to come back should you lose. Now they have a case and they will take it to court, much as you would have had your side lost.

As nothing has changed, the Supreme Court of California should rule as they did on Proposition 22, prohibiting two people from being married is unconstitutional.

People who are in love with each other and want to share their lives together, and those who love them, will not give up on this issue.

Lampl, denying any person their Constitutional rights, is discrimination. Telling someone who they can or cannot marry is discrimination.

Domenic Torchia


Sign our petition

To the Editor:

My name is Elise Vallotton and I am the student body president at Tioga High School. Many people are aware of our decision to recall our board of trustees.

The collection of required signatures has gone very smoothly so far. We are approaching the deadline to have all 910 signatures turned in. Students For A Better School District are asking you, the local community, for continued assistance.

Those who have not signed the petition, and are registered to vote in the Big Oak Flat-Groveland School District, please learn about our recall actions and sign our petition.

Even if you are not registered to vote, we can inform you of the facts and register you as well.

If you have any questions please contact SBSD (Students For A Better School District) at We will gladly educate you in our plan of action. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Elise Vallotton