It's a shame

To the Editor:

In response to Roy Manley's Nov. 26 Letter to the Editor, about the Mi-Wuk-Sugar Pine Fire District:

It breaks my heart to see how totally uninformed some of Mi-Wuk's residents are.

The Board for the Fire District is elected. They are elected at a monthly Fire Board meeting, when a vacancy comes up, after the name is published for a specified period of time. Have you been to a Fire Board meeting? These meetings are announced on the bulletin board on Highway 108 and the public is always invited.

Come to a meeting and get informed. Perhaps even consider running for a position on the board so your viewpoint can be heard first hand. Our board is very conscientious and does operate for the good of the community.

The money requested (in Measure V) for the Fire District is nothing compared to the position we could be in when we have no nearby fire or paramedic services and our homeowners' insurance rates either skyrocket or disappear when-if we no longer have a local fire station.

Please come to a board meeting and get informed.

Blythe Klipple

Mi-Wuk Village

I was scammed

To the Editor:

In November, my husband and I were approached at a shopping center parking lot regarding a dent in our car. The man who approached us was in his late 20's approximately 5'4" tall.

He told us that he needed work for he had two children and needed clothes and food for them. He quoted a price that I thought was a little much, but believed he needed it for his family.

He was driving a late model truck. He said he would follow us to our home where he would fix the dent. When he finished, he showed me the area. He said that I was to wait at least a week and then I could clean the area. It would be like new.

He also told me that he had done a couple of other areas on the car that had scratches.

When he concluded the work he asked for cash. I gave him what I had and told him I had to give him a check. He said he did not want a check but would follow me to the bank and I could take money out of the ATM. I refused to do so.

He then asked that I make the check out to his cousin for he did not have a bank account.

I have discovered that the work he did was just a coverup. The dent is still there. I have been scammed. I was vulnerable and have learned a valuable lesson.

If approached do the following: Get in writing the cost and what is going to be done. Get his license plate number and ask to see a driver's license.

Lenore M. Shively