Derek Rosen

Oh Oklahoma!To the Editor:Need a lift in your spirit? Would you just like to laugh and smile? Want an inexpensive evening out? Go see "Oklahoma!" at Summerville High School; this is the last weekend.So many older folks wonder "what is going on with the teens of today?" Well, go find out. You will be impressed and reassured about the future! These students often are juggling honors classes, leadership, and other commitments while rehearsing after school at an ever-increasing level as the show draws near.Reward and encourage them with your presence; they need your support. Just having the audience, the laughter and applause makes all their work worthwhile, while looking out at a small gathering can deflate their energy a bit. Yes, we are the parents of a cast member, and so very proud of all these students and their mentors ... which could include you. Pam and Dave Slakey SonoraWonderful job!To the Editor:To everyone who helped search for my husband and sons who became stuck in the woods overnight while hunting recently, thank you for heading into the woods at the crack of dawn, in the pouring rain, to look for my family.Thank you for staying with me until they were home, recruiting others to help, and offering to do anything I needed. You are truly the most wonderful friends and family one could ever hope for.Thank you Sheriff's Office, search and rescue volunteers, and dispatchers for being so kind to me, keeping me informed, and reassuring me of their safety. You do a phenomenal job. You all went above and beyond for us and I appreciate it and am grateful with all my heart. Thyra Lawrence SoulsbyvilleWe want responsible clearcutsTo the Editor:Two recent, strongly-worded letters in The Union Democrat attacked those who oppose clearcutting.Bobbie Carne's Oct. 31 letter told environmental letter-writers to stop complaining about logging trees. Gregory Burns' Nov. 4 letter began by assuming that critics of clearcuts oppose all logging by private landowners. He also complained about salvage logging not taking more dead trees on public land, such as in the Darby burn.In reality, local environmentalists actually share many areas of agreement with logging advocates. Most folks opposed to clearcuts are highly supportive of thinning logging (such as the logging currently being done on the local national forest.) We simply oppose clearcuts that cause harm for watershed values, recreation, scenic values and tourism, and for many wildlife species.In contrast, well-managed thinning logging or logging with thinning combined with small patch cuts can certainly produce wood while still leaving a healthy forest afterwards.Local conservation groups have also openly supported salvage logging on national forest lands in areas designated for timber production.Burns referred to the Darby burn. Environmentalists actively supported salvage logging in the Darby Fire area.Ironically, the local timber industry was reluctant to bid on that salvage sale because it required the removal of too many small trees and too much clean-up. Eventually the Forest Service adjusted and the salvage logging successfully took place. Environmentalists supported that salvage.There are numerous common agreements held by pro-logging supporters and environmentalists in our local region. The key area of disagreement is the intensive clearcutting by Sierra Pacific Industries. As long as blocks of mountainside are denuded, sprayed with herbicides, and converted to sterile tree farms, many local residents will continue to urge a switch to less-harmful logging treatments. John Buckley, CSERC Twain HarteThanks for your serviceTo the Editor:Thank you Clayton Rasmussen for the 27 years of service that you have given to Bret Harte High School District.It has truly been a pleasure to serve on the board of education with you. You taught me to be patient and showed me by example how to listen well. I appreciate your ability to listen, even to dissenting points of view. I admire you for always putting the interests of the student first. I thank you for showing me how be a good board member by setting an excellent example.You will be missed at our meetings. Rodger S. Orman, M.D. board member Bret Harte High School District