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Why do you think the media is so obsessed

with celebrities?

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In 2004 only 51 percent of youth ages 18 to 24 were registered to vote. In your view, what would make more youth register and vote?

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Honesty in campaigns

We always see political ads on TV. One contradicts the other. This country is in desperate need of political honesty laws. Any politician or a person representing them should be criminally prosecuted for outright lying, misrepresenting the facts, telling half-truths, putting into print the aforementioned or deception in any fashion at the national, state and local levels.

Mike Sonnenfelt


Online voting

It's not only getting youth to vote it's getting every voter to vote. The answer is online voting.

Mike Shevlin


Sadly eluded youngsters

I think younger people may feel that their vote won't make a difference. Maybe our younger would-be-voters don't buy the political rhetoric they see on television and think the whole process is messed up?

One news article bashing this person and another bashing that person and at the end of the day, our entire government is guilty of something. Who to trust, where to go? Maybe our young would-be-voters have lost faith before they even had any? Perhaps they need to see what can be accomplished when people (neighbors, friends, co-workers...) get together, argue good points, decide what is important to them and vote.

Regardless of the outcome, ideas have been exchanged and new policy is achieved. Maybe this could be accomplished if younger people had more exposure to local issues which are voted on by our community for our community.

Perhaps making a difference on a local level would empower these younger citizens to develop a broader sense of inclusion as valuable members in their communities which in a broader brush stroke equals citizens of the United States of America.

Contrary to popular belief, being an American is still truly something to still be proud of. (Turn off the TV and read!)

Reaching the voting age is a rite of passage that sadly has eluded our younger people who don't appreciate that their opinions and voices (audible as votes) are indeed the votes of the people. Short of all that, why not ask them?

Laura Lorang


We are fortunate

What would make more youth register and vote? If the question were revised to "... register, study the issues and vote", it would make more sense. As written (without the study), perhaps we're fortunate that only 51% are registered.

Mike Lamasney

Twain Harte

More honesty, caring

It would get more youngsters to register, if the folks they had to choose from, were honest, and actually cared about the folks that hired them. And not the Party that they run as part.

Rick Garner

Winnemucca, Nevada