A Maryland public school district will begin including homosexuality in sex-education curriculum in the Fall to eighth- and tenth-grade students and many groups are appealing the Maryland State Board of Education. In Your View is homosexuality a topic that should be covered in sex-education or health classes?

Stick to 3 Rs

Here we go! We all knew this was coming. Why does this small, perverted minority 3-6 percent think it has the right to preach and teach our children about their perversion? And I don't care if they think they were "born that way." Just because you are born with a certain desire or urge does not necessarily mean you should follow it or that it's normal. How do we feel about alcoholics or pedophiles following their urges?

Do we really want schools to teach our children subjects like sexual preferences, lifestyles, etc. Stick to the three Rs and leave this stuff where it rightfully belongs, with the parents.

Jenni Hill


Guns more factious

Sex education is important and homosexuality is part of a complete course. "Historical reenactments celebrating the Mother Lode's western heritage" should be more controversial. Re: your Internet page (Aug. 20) with the street shootings.

Don Hukari


Handle with discretion

I have no problem with gays, blacks, Asian, Italian, Irish, left-handed, or even straight people, so I have only one suggestion concerning the inclusion of homosexuality in the curriculum at any school. It must be handled with the same discretion as biology, civics, sex education, etc. are handled now. In other words, for some kids dissecting a frog could be traumatic, so you just don't take an ax and slam it down on a live frog.

But why I wrote The Union Democrat is to commend you on having the courage to ask this question. Secondly and even more commendable is the tactful and well thought-out way you presented it.

I will venture to guess that no matter how well you handled this subject you are going to get hammered. Now we sit back and watch every homophobe and bigot come out of the woodwork and slam you for having the audacity for even broaching the subject. It begs for the 'flat earth' believers to scramble for their pens, pencils and crayons.

The UD is getting better, I do not know why, but you are. Welcome to the 21st Century, it is a scary place but as long as we can keep talking and asking challenging questions, it will get better.

Domenic Torchia


Not a lifestyle choice

Having had a son who died of AIDS I think it is important to get all information out to as many as possible. Gay life style is not something one chooses. Believe me, no one would go through what my son did being gay in the '80s ... It was hell for him in high school ... I would do any thing necessary to bring all the information possible to everyone.

Jeri Miller

Reedsport, Oregon

Not a sex ed topic

This is not a sex education topic and should not be taught in the classrooms. First it was marriage between homosexuals, now sex ed. Sorry, it has got to stop now. A person's personal preference is theirs, but teaching anything about homosexuality becomes the same as teaching religion in the classroom. It should not happen.

Lynn Towns


Shifting spotlight

When a public school district in California introduces homosexuality in its sex education curriculum then I'll worry about it. This sensational nonsense is The Union Democrat's attempt to shift focus from California's problems and to influence public opinion for the presidential election. Sure gets the spotlight off Sen. Dave Cogdill and his extortion of California taxpayers with his budget antics, huh?

Raymond Alford


Step in right direction

Yes, it is a step in the right direction to include discussions of homosexuality in sex ed classes. Eighth- through 10th-graders are discovering their sexual identity, and this is the perfect time for them to learn that their feelings, homosexual or heterosexual are normal. Other states should follow Maryland's example.

Ilena Ferrer


Knowledge is power

Homosexuality is out there, and not going anywhere. Why not make it an open topic for kids? It's a real life issue that needs to be handled. It is important these days for kids to be safer and healthier anyway, gay or straight. And, hey, knowledge is power!

Aja Haydn-Myer


Health, not sex, issue

Discussing homosexuality in health class would fare better because it deals with STDs and how to protect yourself. Discussing it in sex ed only initiates that it is OK (not knowing what preference a student would take). Sex ed class is for learning the male and female anatomy and how babies are made.

Michelle Moran


Simple definitions OK

I am a teacher that has taught sex ed in the classroom. Homosexuality is not only a topic of sexual orientation, but for some, whether one agrees with the lifestyle or not, a way of life. If we are to teach proper vocabulary in regards to sex education, we cannot exclude homosexuality. In a non-biased way, you need to at least define what homosexuality means. In the past, some of my junior high students have confused the terms homosexuality with heterosexuality thinking they mean the same thing. Properly defining terms is very important. No debates, just clarifying definitions.

Bret Beaudreau


Need specifics

Er, what exactly is being taught in these classes? It would be helpful to have more details, rather than just having the Democrat conduct a straw poll on what people feel about "homosexuality" in general. Maybe the information being provided is actually useful?

Malcolm R. Carden


Tolerance of diversity

I think it is a great idea. I am a straight mother of three. I believe more tolerance of others in our world is needed. If it begins with this topic in the classroom, then maybe homosexuality can be more widely accepted and inhumane bashing of those who are "different" can be abolished.

Aberrant behavior

Absolutely not, it is unnatural and I for one will never support the activities of a homosexual life style.

Jason Frye


It's part of education

How can a "sex education" curriculum not include discussions about homo(sex)uality? Should a "History of World Religions" curriculum ban all mentions of any religions formed after Jesus died? Not in any school that used the word "education" as its reason for being. "Indoctrination" would be more honest. Leave that crap to the Islamists and Christianists.

Bud Nelson


Inflammatory question

In response to the In Your View topic regarding Maryland and the inclusion of homosexuality in the sex education curriculum: Is there truly no other issue that is worth commenting on in our own community? Come on. You can't tell me that you don't already know the responses you are likely to get from that one. What about discussing what is being done in our own schools? What about looking at the enrollment crisis and how it is being handled? What about asking why so many parents in our community have opted to home school their children? Or our traffic problems and why we are creating housing developments that families can't afford to live in? Stop the inflammatory topics please and get some local issues on the table. You might even come across a solution to a real problem.

Emily Graham