Austen Thibault, The Union Democrat

The Sonora Union High School Board of Trustees visited the district's Wildcat Ranch on Tuesday to see changes made to the property.

Trustees, school employees and members learned about the new plants, animals and buildings at the Tuolumne Road property.

In the past year, the ranch has grown from an empty lot to a usable agriculture instruction space.

The ranch includes a half-acre of corn rows, a large potato patch, a garden full of numerous fruits and vegetables, and pens for pigs, goats and lambs.

Rob Mayben, the school's manager of the ranch property, said the ranch is intended to become a community education center - not just for the high school but for elementary schools, Columbia College and non-school groups.

In the meantime, high school students are provided a place to learn farm life when they otherwise may not get to.

For the complete story, see the June 11, 2014, edition of The Union Democrat.